Monster Energy Brings On New Extreme Athletes

Monster Energy Brings On New Extreme Athletes

For reasons unknown, there are some sports in the world that are just too crazy to understand. Snowboarders jump out of helicopters into avalanche-ready mountains and free divers back flip of 75’ ledges into shallow water. It’s these kind of guys that attract the attention of Monster Energy.

Since 2002, Monster Energy has had its flagship green and black cans in convenience stores all over the world. For the last decade, Monster has jumped into nearly every sport that is considered “alternative” as well as a dozen different automotive sports. The energy drink company has held all NASCAR, Grand Prix, Monster Truck Jams and various motorcycle races and events, and now they’re branching out to even more racing cultures.

Lil Chino: The Newest Addition

Born in Baltimore, Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay, Lil Chino spent his childhood riding BMX bikes around older kids in the neighborhood who had dirt bikes. His role models were all the best dirt bikers in the city who could do wheelies on their motorcycles, so he copied with his bicycle until he could get own his dirt bike. By the time he as 15, Lil Chino had grabbed the attention of millions of YouTube subscribers who appreciated his dirt bike skills.

Baltimore is now a city that has the unlikely reputation of breeding some of the top stunt riders in the world. Every night groups of urban kids hop on their dirt bikes and shut down streets as they practice their wheelies, burnouts and stoppies. They call themselves the 12 o’ Clock Boys, because they can all pull their front tires completely to the sky. The 12 o’ Clock Boys recently have had HBO and NY Times features on their young and reckless styles.

Lil Chino is without a doubt the most successful member of the 12 o’ Clock boys to come out of Baltimore. A few different companies now sponsor Chino including Monster Energy, and he competes in stunting demonstrations around the world.

drag queen

More Monster Athletes

Besides dirt bike riders that illegally stunt ride, there are lots of other athletes that Monster endorses. Below are some of better-known personalities:

Rob Dydrek: Professional skateboarder, contest judge and MTV superstar, Rob Dydrek seems to have it all. For years Monster Energy has supported Rob and his creative conquests on TV and the Internet. Most recently Monster has become a supporter of the Street League Skateboarding contests, which Rob invented.

Ken Block: Arguably one of the best drivers in the world, Ken Block is a drifter, stuntman and WRC competitor. Block can regularly be found driving his 500 WHP all-wheel drive Ford Focus around dirt tracks in various countries at any given moment.

Heidi Steele: Also known as the Queen of Baja, Heidi Steele is one of the wildest off-road racers in the world. She continually races against the best male racers across the Mexican desert.

Kyle Busch: According to his biography, Kyle Busch’s racing philosophy is “Win or go home.” Busch’s racing career would seem to agree with that quote. Since he was 16 years old the talented driver has turned heads on racetracks. He still holds the place for the youngest top rookie in NASCAR, at just a little over 18 years old.

Currently Monster Energy endorses more than 100 athletes that compete in various different motorsports and extreme sports.

Apparel and Motorsports

When it comes to marketing their brand, Monster knows where to put their cards. In the last few years, the energy drink company has teamed up with some of the most respected brands in motorsports. Most recently, Dropstars, the off-road wheel company that is famous for wild style truck and SUV rims, just teamed up with Monster to do the first ever Monster Energy Edition wheel set.

Whether it’s wheels, sponsors or hooking up kids that do wheelies from Baltimore, it seems like Monster will be around for another decade for all the fans in action sports.

By Sean Bowes
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