Dissecting Touren Wheel’s Minimalist Properties

Dissecting Touren Wheel’s Minimalist Properties

For the modern car driver who just wants a standard custom fit of rims that exude style with simplicity, Touren wheels are the way to go. These wheels are made from aluminum alloy using a cast construction and are both light and durable. More accurate rating prove that Touren wheels are made to be 17 percent lighter than steel wheels which thus makes them the ideal ultra performance wheels. Though they are largely made to fit into a specific general profile, Touren wheels in themselves vary in design from other rims made by The Wheel Group including ION, Sacchi, Mazzi and Akita.
Nissan 240sx

Standard Offsets

To begin with the offsets on Touren wheels are set to a positive value all through the range of series. This is a common feature to expect from sports, luxury and family car wheels. It keeps their handling quite simple and thus ensures safe driving especially in domestic settings. The Touren 3130 for instance bears an offset of 40mm which is an offset spec you will commonly find on many Wheel Group street wheel brands. For Touren wheels however the offset is kept at a standard for every other size variant under the same Touren wheel model.

Quick Colors

When it comes to color options Touren cuts down your selection process to three distinct colors. The chrome variants for each models are plain chrome all through. They bear a sparkling sheen from the polished touch added on them. Not all Touren wheel series however are offered with a chrome variety. Only the 3190, the 3131, 3170 and 3190 have a chrome option. The rest have either a machined face or black finish. With the machined face wheels, the rim features a gloss black finish on the outer rim while the spoke and lip are where the machined layer has been placed. This adds a tasteful element of uniqueness that stands out from standard gloss black appearance many car wheels in the market possess.
Silver Lexus

Simple Spoke Design

When it comes to spokes, Touren strip the profile down to a bare minimum. These wheels have a regular spoke structure for people who do not want too many complex configurations in that area. The most stretched out spoke design is that of the Touren 3260 and the Touren 3230. They each bear a split spoke pattern that branches out like wild shrubbery from the center cap. With a machined face finish on them, they truly catch any passerby’s attention.

Touren wheel
Other wheels however have a slim spoke profile. Most of the series bear a 10 spoke pattern with the exception of the Touren 3290 and 3220 which each have 7 and 5 spoke patterns respectively.

By: James Langston
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