American Racing Wheel Review - The Official Wheel of the Hot Rod Power Tour

American Racing Wheel Review - The Official Wheel of the Hot Rod Power Tour

Hot Rod Power Tour

americanracingAmerican Racing Wheels is the official wheel of the hot rod power tour.
Hot Rod magazine was initially started in 1948 by auto enthusiast Robert E. Peterson and is the oldest magazine devoted to hot rodding. At the time of its inception, there was no organized drag racing or any rod parks for us auto junkies to get a fix. For the most part, truck roadsters were just a West Coast sensation. Now, Hot Rod Magazine has become so popular that they have their own Hot Rod Power Tour, which has become an annual nationwide phenomenon.

Originally in 1995, the Hot Rod Power tour was a 6 day event/cross-country drive from Los Angeles, California to Norwalk, Ohio. Now, it has grown into a never ending tour that showcases the top products in the automotive and hot rod industries. For the 2013 tour, American Racing Wheels were chosen as the official wheel of the tour!

americanracing5Whoa, that looks good! No, not the chick; I’m talking about that sexy American Racing Wheel.

Why American Racing Wheels?

American Racing Wheels was originally founded in 1956, just eight years after the launch of Hot Rod Magazine. Both companies have grown to be a symbol for muscle and hot rod power. In fact in 2004, Hot Rod Magazine named the American Racing Torq Thrust Wheel as one of the 20 speed parts that changed the world! Hot Rod author Matt King said, “Over the years, [American Racing Wheels] most famous product, the five-spoke Torq- Thrust wheel that was introduced in 1963, has evolved, most famously with the introduction in 1965 of the Torq-Thrust D with arched spokes to clear the front disc brakes that were being introduced on many factory cars, and it’s been imitated by endless competitors.”

4 Wheel Online Carries the Classic Torq Thrust!

The Torq Thrust Wheel has withstood the test of time. Each year, new variations of the wheel are being delivered to the ravenous public by the American Racing Wheel Company. Here at 4 Wheel Online, we carry a number of American Racing Wheels, including the 3 styles of the iconic Torq Thrust. The three styles include:

In addition to the classic Torq Thrust, our website offers dozens of other American Racing Wheels. Most of the American Racing Wheels that are carried are made from low-pressure casting and come in 1, 2, and 3 piece designs. The majority of American Racing Wheels, however, are made with the 1 piece design. This design is made from a single clean, muscular piece that is reminiscent of their powerful 1950s roots.

For over 50 years, American Racing Wheels have established themselves as a part of the American consciousness. Here at 4 Wheel Online, we carry all of their products and would recommend them to any customer.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on August 15th, 2013
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