Three of Today’s Top Billet Grille Manufacturers

Three of Today’s Top Billet Grille Manufacturers

A good billet grille, made to the right specifications and with the right quality, can serve to protect the front parts of your car very well. The standards for doing that have been well put into practice over the years and furthermore, laws have been passed to ensure that the minimum standard requirement for grille quality is met by all commercial manufacturers. A lot of these firms are now turning to innovative and unique designs to make their Grilles stand out. We shall look into four of these firms and what they have in store for the ardent grille shopper.
Show case of an aftermarket billet grill for a truck

RBP Grilles

RBP grilles, or Rolling Big Power grilles, are stainless steel clean cut grilles that give a new identity to your vehicle. Sure, you can tell that a car is a Chevy or a Ford just from the grille, but if you are looking to step away from these highly familiar logos, then the RBP star logo is the way to break off from the flock.

Jeep front end with a mesh grill
All RBP grilles feature this logo right at the center of the grille with the letter ‘R’ cut out from it to form a rocking logo design. But what stands out even more is the rivet studded frame that streamed all around the edges of the RX series of RBP grilles and around the RBP logo. The grilles are available is either chrome or black powder coat.

Fuel Off-Road Grilles

For an off road variety, Fuel Off -Road grilles are quite the shiny specimen. They have an intricate chrome/black mesh on them that resolves to a chrome or black frame depending on the grille option you choose. The frames are lined with round metal studs to complete the stylish look. At the middle of the grille what you have is the beefy Fuel Off-Road logo, a large F with the fuel label running diagonally beneath it.

The key to the precise fit and structure of these grilles lies is the use of CAD technology for their design. That is why the mesh exudes this cool, solid monochrome feel from a far which begins to clear up into a grid of miniscule patterns as you draw closer.
Show case of an aftermarket billet grill from Fuel

Rampage Grilles

Rampage grilles are one of the few grille insert options in the market for Jeeps. Most Jeep owners obviously don’t want to do away with the signature Jeep grille design which identifies the car, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find an option of accessorizing it. So Rampage took to the garage and worked up a good item that could work for the Jeep trucker that wants to stand out even more. Thus we now have a variety of Rampage grille accessories. If you are looking for a mesh insert then the One Piece 3D grille. They are simply installed by attaching the grille to the underside of the factory grille shell that came with the car.

The other option for a Jeep grille upgrade is Rampage’s chrome grille inserts which basically create a shiny elegant chrome frame for each rectangular grille hole. These inserts are made of chrome plastic and they therefore cannot rust or peel. So who says a Jeep grille upgrade can’t be affordable and durable at the same time?

By: Sean Bowes
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