RBP Grilles

RBP Grilles

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RBP Truck Grilles

RBP Grilles now 35% Off and Ships Free. In a scene flooded with mind-numbing look-a-likes, it takes a company like RBP to break the monotony. Rolling Big Power— RBP—crafts custom truck grilles that are guaranteed to set your rig apart from the mundane masses and builds custom-fit truck grilles for stand-out looks. RBP Grilles put your truck in a whole new class, with three distinct styles and two attractive finishes.

RBP Grilles are crafted from top-quality stainless steel and finished off with triple-chrome plating or rugged black powder coat for showroom-quality looks that stand up to hard trucking. Combine these quality materials and finishes with true USA-made craftsmanship and you have one serious grille. RBP Grilles come in two different styles: The RL-Grille has a classic smooth outer frame, while the RX-Grille boasts a mean, rivet-studded frame. The new RX-2 Series adds extra riveted ornamentation in the middle of the grille for added flair. All three styles are available in black or chrome finish.

RBP includes everything you need to adjust your rig’s attitude. Whether it scrapes the street or the sky, an RBP grille is your truck’s ticket to individual style. And best yet, RBP backs your grille with a 1-year warranty.