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Go Chrome with Foose Wheels

Known for their popular stance in the market as standard setters, Foose wheels have perfected the art of rim manufacturing. Customers who tried the wheels normally attest to the proper packaging and construction of their purchase. The company makes one piece and two piece cast and forged wheels.
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The cast wheels possess a dense characteristic that gives them easy handling and cornering abilities. In addition to this, Foose wheels come in a variety of finishes that will customize the look on any vehicle they are used on. For example, Foose’s chrome finished wheels provide a lasting sheen that you can easily maintain.

Let’s look at some of Foose wheel series that provide a chrome wheel option.
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Foose Knuckle Buster

The Foose Knuckle Buster is a wheel that is ideal for family, sport and street cars. It comes in two color options. One is the black milled variety and the other is the powder chrome variety. For those looking for a chrome wheel, the powder chrome Knuckle Buster has finish properties that can give you value for your buck.

Its luster is not as reflective as plated chrome wheels but with the use of powder chrome, the cost of wheel is bought down by a significant amount and it becomes a whole lot easier to maintain. Thus said, amongst the Foose Wheel Knuckle Buster’s most loved properties is its easy installation process, and its value for price.

Foose Legend

Foose Legend is a wheel that is made to fit a wide variety of vehicle. While the Foose Knuckle Buster only comes in one standard diameter, Foose Legend comes in four available size options: 17, 18, 20 and 22 inches. It has a 5 spoke wheel pattern that is simple and stylishly curved into the rim’s inner surface.

Its chrome model is constructed with a complete one piece cast design and its finish is smooth stainless chrome. This makes sure that it is quick to clean and easy to maintain. It also resists corrosion and scratched thus making it much more long lasting.
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Foose Six Speed Chrome

Foose Six Speed Chrome is a one piece cast wheel that possesses the same sturdy properties of quality one piece cast wheels all over the world. It is manufactures using MHT luxury alloys and this gives it combined characteristics of alloy wheels that make the most high performance items as well as long lasting products.

Just like the Legend, this wheel possesses a gleaming stainless luster that is resistant to corrosion and scratches. It however has a different spoke pattern with 6 spokes cast into it.

By: Sean Bowes
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