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Dually Wheels Articles and Reviews

2015 Ford F-450 Boasts Best-In-Class Towing
Dually owners have always been fascinated by what truck manufacturer is providing the best towing capabilities. After a month’s long battle, the 2015 champion finally emerged: the Ford F-450. Unbelievably, this ride ended up being able to tow 2,200 pounds more than its closest competitor.
Dually Trucks
Dually trucks are made for the hardcore truck lovers, the people that want power and performance and the ability to haul a house. Dually trucks are capable of hauling thousands of more pounds than the standard SRW, but what if I told you that you could increase this power even more? Well, the answer has to do with the wheels.
How to Choose the Best Dually Wheels For Your Truck
Dually wheels come in many designs and sizes and this makes the process of choosing one challenging for most drivers. To ensure you choose the right one, it is important to know what these wheels are capable of and the perfect ones for every situation. This is because different wheels are designed for different terrains and choosing the wrong wheels can make your driving experience difficult.