Foose Wheels - Chip Foose Brings Wheels to a New Level

Ever since he was a youngster, Chip Foose had two main interests: art and automobiles. Luckily for the automotive world, Foose was able two merge these two passions into a company that has built some of the most impressive automobiles to ever hit the streets.

In 1963, Foose was born in Santa Barbra, California. By the age of seven, he was spending his afternoons working with his dad at his speed shop. However, Foose was interested in more than just making cars go fast. After high school, he studied at different art schools around California to increase his ability as an artist, but his obsession with hot rods never went away.

After graduating from art school, Foose began working for Boyd Coddington, a well-known hot rod designer. At Coddington’s Hot Rods company, Foose was able to get creative with his designs. For five years, Foose built award-winning creations at Hot Rods and mastered his craft as an automotive customizer.

Eventually, Foose left Hot Rods to start his own company. With his wife as his partner and years of experience under his belt, Foose Design was born.

Foose Becomes a Household Name

For car nuts and speed freaks, the name Chip Foose is as important as Michael Jordan is for jocks. However, the name “ Foose” wasn’t always a household name. After Foose started his own company and car shows began forking over first-place trophies to every car he entered, television networks started to take notice.  

His show on TLC, Overhaulin’ gave the American public taste of what it was like to design and build custom automobiles. The show was one of the most popular programs on the TLC and it is still featured on the network today after taking a hiatus from it’s five-season run.

Foose Offers Wheels at 4WheelOnline

In the year 2000, Chip Foose wanted to take his legacy to a whole other level. When he spoke to the owners of MHT Luxury Alloys about the opportunity to design wheels with the Foose name attached, he was thrilled about the idea. When the wheels came out, the public was even more excited.

Today, nearly 15 years after Foose made the decision to branch out into the custom wheel industry, his products are still one of the most popular wheels for hot rodding enthusiasts. Available in a wide range of finishes, styles, and sizes, Foose Wheels can bring a wild look to any ride.
    Foose Pinnacle: The Pinnacle is a wheel that can be used on big body cars, trucks or SUVs. Its massive diameter makes it perfect for owners that are looking for a wheel that is big and bad.
  • Foose Legend: Just like Chip, these wheels are legendary. Available in “knuckle buster powder chrome,” these five-spoke wheels have a deep black finish that is incomparable to any other black wheel on the market. These wheels have embody the Foose style by looking fast even when it’s standing still.
Just like the rest of Foose’s company, Foose Wheels is still continuing to grow. Every season they are rolling out new finishes of wheel styles that can only be found at trusted wheel outlets like 4WheelOnline.com. Keep checking back to see the wild designs that Chip Foose dreams up next.

As you know, anything with the name Foose attached to it means custom. All of Foose Wheels are available in different sizes and colors, so if you can’t find the right combination of size and finish, give the guys at 4WheelOnline.com a call at 813-769-2451. They’re extremely knowledgable on all things hot rodding and customization.

By Sean Bowes
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