Rubicon Express Suspension Kits and Its Upgrades

Rubicon Express Jeep suspension lift kits are worldly recognized for the excellent performance on challenging off-road terrains. These Jeep lift kits provide you with about 2-7.5 inches of extra lift to get you over the rocky areas. You can choose from different Rubicon Express Jeep lift kits and upgrades. These include Extreme Cross member kits, Super-Ride kits, Super-Flex kits, Spacer kits with shocks, long arm upgrade kits and Extreme-Duty long arm kits. With any of these lift kits you can enjoy improved performance.
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Suspension System without Shocks

Suspension system without shocks is not only a reliable but also a valuable accessory for your Jeep. If you are an off-road enthusiast then you need a suspension system that will meet the challenge. Rubicon Express lift kit features superior quality control arms, which conquers challenging terrains. However, this type of Rubicon Express suspension lift kit is not designed with shocks.

Complete Suspension System with Shocks

You are likely to prefer complete suspension system with shocks to suspension system without shocks. This is because Rubicon complete suspension system with shocks features both a set of shocks and the lift kit giving you great value, improved performance and unrivaled strength than any other suspension lift on the market. With this suspension lift system, you enjoy enhanced traction during off-road driving and smooth handling for highway cruising. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about the model or year of your Jeep. This is because Rubicon Express lift kit is available for every application.
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Coil Spring Spacers

If you desire to add extra lift to your coil spring kit, the best option for you is Rubicon Express coil spring spacer. Rubicon Express coil spring spacer is easy to install. Furthermore, it maintains the excellent performance of your original coil spring kit. At times, if you want to balance out that extra weight from tire carrier, winch, or upgraded bumper, the perfect solution is Rubicon coil spring spacer. The coil spacer also provides your wheel with additional ground clearance if you want to install larger wheels and tires on your Jeep/truck.
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Extreme Duty Cross member Kit

When changing to a long arm suspension kit, Rubicon Extreme-Duty Cross member is essential for the system. Mount the transmission, transfer-case and control arms on the cross member. This addition makes the frame stronger because of the specially designed brackets. Furthermore, you an easily access the transfer-case as well as the transmission for servicing purpose without necessarily having to uninstall any part of the suspension kit. This is because of a drop-out center section. Therefore, get Rubicon Express suspension lift kits and enjoy you off-road driving adventures.

By: Jon Aragon
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