Improve Your Jeep’s Performance with these Four Upgrades

The Jeep lifestyle is all about performance. Regardless of whether you are a highway cruiser or an off-road adventurer, you can never have too much power. Your Jeep’s Original Equipment may not quite deliver that extra power you need to maximize its potential. Here are a few performance parts and accessories that will ensure you are driving at peak performance levels in no time:
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Air Intake Systems

Air flow is a vital component of engine performance. Your car needs to breathe in and out without restrictions. Factory air intake systems do not allow for efficient air flow, thus reducing engine efficiency levels. Various aftermarket air intake systems are available, with better air inlet tracks and filter designs to remedy this problem. These increase air flow by up to 20%. This results in efficient combustion and consequently gains in horsepower. Your Jeep can experience massive gains in performance just by adding an easy to install air intake system such as AIRAID Intake System.

Performance Tuners

Advanced technology has enabled your Jeep’s power and performance to be increased instantly through the use of performance tuners. These optimize certain functions such as fuel delivery, spark timing and throttle response to provide gains such as fuel economy, maximum power and better handling. These tuners vary in function, such as the Speedometer Calibrator and the Interceptor from Hypertech’s range of performance tuners. The resultant gains in power and economy are however apparent with these tuners which come in easy plug-and-play packages.
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Exhaust Systems

For dramatic gains in horsepower, replace your OE exhaust system with one of an array of uniquely designed aftermarket exhausts. Aside from the enhanced sound and appearance, your Jeep will experience reduced backpressure that leads to engine efficiency. Aftermarket exhausts from long standing manufacturers such as Gibson Exhausts will provide improved torque and flow, which makes for increases in horsepower. Determining the right exhaust system for your Jeep is crucial as this greatly impacts performance levels.

Throttle Body Spacers

These useful accessories improve air flow into the engine by creating turbulence at the point of entry. This turbulence increases the velocity of the air molecules and organizes them for maximum aeration. The resulting fuel-air mixture is ideal for efficient combustion. This is great for better throttle response, fuel efficiency and most importantly, massive gains in torque and horsepower. One such enhancement is the PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer, which spins the air into a helical structure that creates the perfect air-fuel ratios.
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Other performance parts available to increase your Jeep’s power include aftermarket batteries, electrical systems and alternators. Along with other Jeep parts and accessories, we offer a wide range of performance enhancements that guarantee you maximum gains in power and efficiency from the most reputable aftermarket Jeep parts and accessories manufacturers.

By: James Langston
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