Frame Shackle Bushings

Daystar™ is committed to being a worldwide manufacturer of automotive and industrial components that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Daystar™ greaseable and non-greaseable shackles are built with the extremist in mind. Its very rigid design will give you peace of mind knowing that whether you are on the trail or driving on the freeway, you will have the strongest and most stable shackles money can buy!

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1946-1949 Jeep CJ2A
1984-1993 Jeep MJ Commanche
1987-1996 Jeep YJ Wrangler

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1946-1949 Jeep CJ2A
1946-1949 Jeep CJ2A 4WD Frame Shackle Bushings Front or Rear
  - DYSTR-KJ02011BK
Price: $35.15
Sale Price: $23.75

1941-1975 CJ 2 & 4WD; MB 2 & 4WD
1984-1993 Jeep MJ Commanche
1984-1993 Jeep MJ Commanche Both Frame Shackle Bushings Rear
  - DYSTR-KJ02010BK
Price: $46.00
Sale Price: $31.08

1984-2001 Cherokee 2 & 4WD; Comanche (Downsize) 2 & 4WD; Wagoneer 2 &4WD
1987-1996 Jeep YJ Wrangler
1987-1996 Jeep YJ Wrangler 4WD Frame Shackle Bushings Front or Rear
  - DYSTR-KJ02009BK
Price: $40.58
Sale Price: $27.42

1987-1996 YJ Wrangler 2 & 4WD

Daystar Lifts

Injection Molding
produces millions of plastic injection molded parts every year on micro processor controlled Van Dorn molding machines ranging in size from 85 to 400 tons. Daystar™ is extremely experienced in running elastomeric compounds such as flexible PVC's, thermoplastic polyurethanes, and TPR's. They also run large quantities of other thermoplastic resins.

Subassembly and Packaging
offers a wide variety of low cost assembly and packaging services. Daystar™ can help its customers with developing complex bills of materials, scheduling, warehousing, assembling, and packaging in production runs ranging from a hundred to hundreds of thousands.

The design and production of elastomeric boots or bellows is a Daystar™ specialty. Daystar™ have developed proprietary design software, specialized injection molding bases, special purpose robotics, and unique boring and turning tools that enable us to provide the optimum boot solution to our customer at unrivaled tooling and piece part prices.

Daystar™ has always met their customers' needs by designing and producing the highest possible quality parts. Since 2000, Daystar™ has been certified QS 9000 / ISO 9001. This demanding certification, recognized worldwide, ensures their customers that the entire process, from design to shipment, is independently verified and documented to meet or exceed their customers' expectations.

Cast Polyurethane
Daystar™ is a recognized specialist in manufacturing cast polyurethane elastomeric and microcellular foam parts for the automotive industry. They have developed several families of proprietary polymer formulations that give us the ability to match material properties to the specific application at hand.

Engineering excellence is not just a catch phrase at Daystar™ - it is the foundation of the company. Daystar™ engineers can execute all aspects of the design process for part modeling and simulation to multi axis toolpath creation.

Daystar™ has been producing high quality injection molds for over 30 years ranging in sophistication from single cavity prototype molds to multicavity molds with hot runners and side actions.

Metal Forming
Daystar™ produces a wide range of automotive steel components ranging from spring shackles to motor mounts and transmission mounts. Capabilities include CNC turning and boring, stamping, sawing, welding, and plating.

Their production facility includes multiple dispensing lines, a clean room for steel preparation for bonding operations, several custom designed automatic parts trimmers, a laboratory for testing part designs and material properties, and most importantly, a skilled team with a proven track record.