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Most are now 25% Off and Ship Free. Most retailers offer a limited number of suspension systems from a limited number of manufacturers. 4-Wheel Online offers every Jeep Lift Kit with every Option from every Manufacturer we carry. Please read each page as we offer a wealth of information. If you still have questions, please give us a call. We are the experts and we are here to help. We offer only a Jeep Lift from Name Brand manufacturers, who have taken the time and expense to test each lift kit. We have Wrangler Lift Kits and the New JK Lift Kits, and we even have older model TJ Lift Kits and YJ Lift Kits
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Your Guide to Jeep Suspension Lifts Kit
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Jeep suspension lift is an important accessory that you should have as a Jeep owner. One of the main reasons why you should purchase a Jeep suspension kit is to create a ground performance. Jeep suspension lift kit can raise your Jeep up to about 1-12 inches. It is important to note that the higher you lift you Jeep, the more likely your vehicle’s ride quality as well as handling capabilities will change.
The Different Types of Jeep Suspension Lifts
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Whether you plan to have an off-road adventure, you just want to look good on the highways, or street, a Jeep suspension is good for you. A Jeep suspension lift changes or adds to the factory suspension to give an excellent ground clearance. On the other hand, a body lift only entails placing rubber spacers between the Jeep body and the frame mounts. However, this type of suspension lift does not enhance the Jeep’s off-road performance.

What are the Differences in Suspension Lift Heights?
A Jeep Lift has the ability to fit bigger tires, has a larger ground clearance, and adds additional appeal. 4 Wheel Online offers all the top manufacturers for Jeep Lifts and has unbeatable prices. Can't find what you need, then feel free to talk to our knowledgeable representatives. Use the chart below for guidance. With so many Suspension companies out there, how do you know which one is right for your truck or SUV? 4 Wheel Online is here to "Clean-Up" the confusion.

Bigger Lifts (Over 6"):
If you want to "Jack" your Jeep to the "Sky", Skyjacker is the way to go, offering more 6"-12" lift systems than any other company.

Smaller Lifts (2"-6"):
Nobody sells more smaller lift kits than Superlift. Due to simplicity and affordability, they you a reasonable lift for a reasonable price.

Easy Installation:
Superlift introduced their Frame Integrated Technology (F.I.T) in 2005, and has changed the industry as we know it. No longer do you have to remove a big chunk of your truck's frame to install a lift kit.

Extreme Off-Road Articulation:
Having over 50 years of Off-Road experience, Rancho offers more complete suspension systems to allow for easier rock crawling and better protection to vehicle components.

On and Off-Road Performance:
Bilstein and RCD join together to create supreme "Road Worthy" suspensions for lift and ride quality, bringing you the quality and strength for serious off-roading while maintaining the comfort and rideablity for the highway and street!

Black Diamond:
4 Wheel Online and Black Diamond have teamed up to bring you the premier suspension lift kit for your Jeep! This company has roots that run deep, located in West Monroe, Louisiana - arguably the Mecca of the offroad suspension world - we are dedicated to bringing you offroad accessories and suspension products that set the mark in fit and function.
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