Jeep Nerf Bars, Running Boards and Rock Rails

Jeep Nerf Bars, Side Steps and Rock Rails are similar in form and there are similarities in function as well. All three are strips of metal that run across or under either side of your Jeep. All three look great, and will be an asset towards your Jeep's overall appearance.

Jeep Nerf Bars, which are sometimes referred to as "Tube Steps," are molded steel tubes which are mounted at the foot of a Jeep or truck's cabin entries. Usually offered in black powder, chrome or stainless steel, a Jeep Nerf bar will provide a comfortable entrance and exit from your Jeep. If you've got an enhanced tube bumper mounted on your Jeep the Jeep Nerf Bar is the great next upgrade. Your whole Jeep will be surrounded with handsome tubing that will definitely turn heads!

Jeep Running Boards have a similar function as Nerf Bars, but are stylized differently. Nerf Bars are tube-shaped and with flattened, rubber-coated sections along the tube for footing. On the other hand, Jeep Running Boards are flat strips of metal. They are generally rubberized along the entire length of the board allowing more flexibility for footing than Nerf Bars. The AMP Research Power Step and the Bestop PowerBoard are actually retractable. They respond to your Jeep's door sensors to open an close upon entry and exit of the vehicle. Once in your Jeep with, your engine started, they retract under the vehicle, allowing for maximum clearance.

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