Jeep Lights

Jeep Lights

Jeep Lights are part of the signature look of a built up off road Jeep or any jeep. Whatever kind of Jeep lighting you are looking for: Driving lights, HID lights, Fog Lights, LED bars, replacement headlights and tail lights, replacement bulbs and signals, every type of mounting option you can imagine'll find them all here at the Lowest Prices! Get Jeep lights here from the most reliable experienced manufacturers of Jeep Lights, choose from: Hella, PIAA, KC Hilites, Rigid Industries, Rugged Ridge, Warn and more...All at the Lowest Prices. We offer Free Shipping on as many Jeep Lights as possible.

Jeep LED Lights
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Jeep lights

HID provides 4 times more light output, lasts up to ten times longer, and consumes about half the power of Halogen light bulbs. They provide better vision by producing light quality similar to daylight.

Bulbs with Dual-Filament have one filament for the low beam and one filament for the high beam. A single filament bulb does not provide a high beam. Common Dual-Filament bulbs are H4, HB2, 9007, and 9004.

Jeep Light

We offer the world's largest selection of Jeep Lights, off road lights, driving and fog lights, HID lights, bumper mount lights and more! All at the lowest prices anywhere with free shipping on most items! Owning a Jeep is great. Properly outfitted o you go anywhere with your Jeep takes a little work. Jeep lights might look cool while you are driving in the city, but adding these lights to your Jeep is a real necessity when going off road, or even on dark rural highways. When you really get out there, a quality set of driving lights for your Jeep can be a critical safety feature. Yes a Jeep can go anywhere, but only with a quality set of driving lights.

Light Source/Bulb Types

Not all Jeep lights or off road lights are created equal. We offer traditional halogen, high intensity discharge, or "HID" and xenon lights, and the New LED Lights. Everyone knows about halogen, the most common light source for Jeep lights and off road lights. Halogen bulbs function through a filament that heats halogen gas inside the bulb, these are the least expensive, but also the least efficient type of bulbs.

HID Jeep lights are capable of drawing far less amperage from the alternator, and they actually function without a filament, creating what is essentially a tiny lighting bolt through charged xenon gas. HID lights are more complex requiring an external balast is most cases, this balast loads the charge and then releases it like the flash of a camera to create the discharge that lights the bulb.

Xenon bulbs are available from many light manufacturers, these use a traditional filament like halogen bulbs, but replace the halogen gas with xenon for a cleaner brighter light that is less "yellow" looking.

LED lights are the newest entry into the field of off road Jeep lights. LED has many advantages over traditional light sources like halogen bulbs and even HID bulbs. First, LEDs are far more efficient than all other light sources, drawing much less amperage per lumen from the Jeep alternator. This means they "pound for pound" pack more punch and use less energy than any other alternative. LEDs can appear to be expensive, but not when you consider the fact that they are built for a lifetime of use, many are covered by lifetime warranties and can be expected to function for over 50,000 hours, that's almost six years of continuous illumination! HID and halogen bulbs will need to be replaced many times by then. Also note that LEDs are designed to be submersible and are literally bulletproof, able to resist severe shocks. All these factors make LED lighting our recommended light source for Jeep applications and all potentially severe trail conditions.

Jeep Light Beam Pattern Types

Fog or Foul Weather Lights. This kind of lights improves your Jeep's low beams for clear visibility in rain, fog or snow. Fog lights can also increase peripheral illumination, thus aiding in uncertain cornering manuvers. Available in two (2) different beam colors such as amber or clear.

Pencil Beam Lights. This light has an extremely narrow beam and is particularly designed for maximum distance. This kind of light is recommended for racing and off road only, but can be of great use when traversing long lonely highways at night.

Long Range, Driving Lights. This kind of light for your Jeep was specifically designed to increase the range as well as the brightness of your Jeep's high beams. Please take note that all driving lamps are extremely bright!