All There is to Know about Smittybilt Atlas Bumpers

Smittybilt Jeep bumpers are known for their innovative styles and designs that have set the company apart from competitors. The latest product the company added to its portfolio a few months ago are the XRC Atlas front and rear bumpers. These new bumpers are for the Jeep Wrangler 2007 to the present model. The engineering and style behind these bumpers is one of the things that has helped the company grow to where it is.
The new Smittybilt Atlas on the jeep wrangler

Both the Smittybilt front and rear XRC bumpers have a dual-stage matte black finish that is powder coated to prevent against rust and corrosion. They come with a lifetime warranty and have undergone extensive testing to meet the strict international pedestrian safety standards. These Smittybilt bumpers have a unique design that improves approach angles and tire clearance.

The new Smittybilt Atlas on the jeep wrangler different color and angle
The XRC Atlas front bumper is the unique one of the two and has three unique features listed below.

Winch Mount and Bolt on Bull Bar

Smittybilt has done a great job with their new XRC Atlas front bumper features a heavy-duty winch mount that makes it easier to haul or lift objects. The winch is particularly helpful for those who prefer driving through harsh off road terrains as they are bound to experience some problems when they need to be pulled. This adds functionality to the bumper as it is able to do more than protect the vehicle’s front end. This bumper also has a detachable bull bar that protects the vehicle from intentional or accidental collisions on the road. The bolt on feature of the bull bar makes it easy to attach and remove even for people with little technical skills.
The new Smittybilt Atlas on the jeep wrangler parked on a rock

Auxiliary Lights Mounting

The XRC Atlas front bumper has OE light housings and spotlight mounts for attaching auxiliary lights. This makes it possible to attach extra lights that make the bumper helpful when driving through low lit off road conditions. The spotlight mount is made using high quality materials to ensure it is durable and can survive any driving conditions.

Accents and Skid Plates

The Smittybilt XRC Atlas bumper has a skid plate that protects the lower engine part when driving on bumpy roads. This makes the bumper perfect for using on the toughest off road terrains. The skid plates are made using strong materials to ensure they can be relied up on to protect your Jeep. Also included are the bumper accents that add great custom styling to give your Jeep a unique custom look. These accents are also made using high quality materials and will survive for many years even when used under harsh weather conditions.

By: James Langston
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