5 Types of Custom Bumpers for Your Jeep

Aftermarket or custom Jeep bumpers offer a variety of features that your factory bumper cannot match. Most Jeep owners customize their bumpers for the unique personalized look that custom bumpers add. However, these bumpers are also designed to suit the needs of different types of cruisers e.g. the off-roader or the highway cruiser. A custom jeep bumper can offer extra strength, better clearance, fuel efficiency and other advantages. Some of the types of jeep bumpers in the market include:
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The Full Width Bumper

Full width bumpers offer all-round protection for your vehicle’s body, fenders and even tires. They are suitable for driving in wooded terrain as they can clear a path through the vegetation. Full width bumpers from manufacturers such as Smittybilt come with winch mounts and D-ring mounts to facilitate towing from difficult spots. These bumpers are a one-piece, steel plate design that is welded on for sturdy protection. You can usually install them without disturbing your factory fog lights but some designs require extended wiring.

The Stinger Bumper

This is an off-road bumper with a unique design that prevents your Jeep from rolling over. It sticks out beyond the truck, maintaining a safe distance between the hood and any obstacles. Stinger bumpers come in different designs and shapes, with some having a triangular tip, a rounded arc or a leveled tip. They are made from steel tubes and may be a one-piece design or have two tubes welded together at the tip. Stinger bumpers are often used as ramps to scale large borders on the trail. With their menacing, protruding edge, they definitely add character to your Jeep while increasing safety.
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The Stubby Bumper

Stubby bumpers are a popular design because they offer the most clearance angles for your Jeep’s approach or departure. Additionally, they offer a less intrusive cover, with plenty of space left for more customization such as OEM fog lights or armor. They come in a tubular and modular design, with the modular bumper offering more strength. These highly functional bumpers are also winch ready, with no interference with factory light mounts on installation.

The Rock Crawler Bumper

This bumper is another minimalist design that allows extended approach and departure angles. It is suitable for off-road rock climbing as it allows the Jeep to scale rocks without interference while still protecting the body from damage. It also allows for additional customization. Available in tubular and steel plate designs, the rock crawler bumper is ideal for Jeeps with huge tires as it leaves room for large fender flares. Most rock crawler bumpers come winch ready.
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The Tubular Bumper

This is the classic Jeep bumper that works for the street or highway Jeep enthusiast. Made from hollow steel tubing, it is a cost effective design that maintains your Jeep’s retro look while adding some useful aftermarket features. Tubular bumpers are light, increasing fuel efficiency. They are however still high quality and strong enough for towing the Jeep. For extra protection, grille guards or bull bars can be welded onto them.

Also worth mentioning are Rear Bumpers, which are available in full width, tubular or steel plate designs such as the Smittybilt SRC Rear bumper. These help protect your Jeep’s rear and often come with functional features such as spare tire racks and D-ring mounts. For a wide selection of durable and affordable Smittybilt Bumpers and accessories, contact us at 4wheelonline.com.

By: James Langston
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