10 Popular Custom Jeep Parts & Accessories

One of the advantages of driving a Jeep is the availability of custom parts and accessories. Whether you are looking to replace worn out factory parts or just trying to accessorize for style and character, you will be spoil for choice. Some accessories not only personalize your car, but also have useful functions. In no order, here are a few of the most popular modifications among Jeep enthusiasts:
woman on a jeep

1. Tires:

Grip is a key element when cruising off-road and even on the highway. Manufacturers vary size, tread and materials to suit your unique driving needs. The right tires on your Jeep will improve performance, handling and even safety while instantly transforming its appearance.

2. Lights

Factory Jeep lights may work well in urban areas. When hitting the trail, custom LED lights provide the visibility required in unlit terrain. They also reduce electrical drain on your battery, not to mention adding some dazzle to your rig.

3. Exhausts

Upgrading your Jeep’s exhaust is the fastest way to increase torque, horsepower and appeal. Aftermarket exhaust systems provide easy to install solutions that increase performance in a quick and affordable upgrade.
woman on a jeep

4. Bumpers

A custom bumper adds character to your vehicle while serving multiple functions. Different bumper designs are available for off-road and smooth driving, providing increased towing, lighting, storage and safety options.

5. Shock Absorbers

For the smoothest, most comfortable ride even on the roughest trail, upgrade your factory shock absorbers to a variety of aftermarket options. You will get better control and improved performance.

6. Winches

This towing device is a Jeep owner’s best friend. It will aid recovery in muddy, rocky and roll situations. Getting a winch and winch ready bumper is one of the best investments Jeep enthusiasts can make. It will get you unstuck every time.

7. Lift Kits

Lift kits increase your Jeep’s ground clearance and make it easier to bypass obstacles on the trail. They will protect your Jeep’s undercarriage from damage and give your truck a unique, balanced and poised look.

8. Seats & Seat Covers

The Jeep lifestyle may be a sporty one but comfort is still required. Custom Jeep seats and covers can replace your factory seats to give the car’s interior an exceptional finish. There are racing seats, bucket seats and recliners with unique seat covers available from leading manufacturers.

9. Rock Sliders

Rock sliders are a multifunctional accessory for your Jeep. They will protect the sides from flying rocks on the trail. They also act as a convenient step for getting into the Jeep. Rock Sliders protect your car’s sides from impact with other vehicles or obstacles and also act as a winch recovery point if you roll.

10. Jeep Tops

Protecting yourself and your Jeep from the elements is easy with a Jeep Top. These convenient tops offer partial or complete cover, allowing you to still enjoy your Jeep in harsh weather. There are hard tops and soft tops available in different designs to suit your needs.

These are among some of the most commonly requested Jeep modifications. Now you too can stand out on the trail. Ask 4wheelonline.com about affordable custom Jeep parts and accessories from leading manufacturers that serve useful functions and enhance your Jeep’s appearance.

By: Sean Bowes
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