V-Twin Chains and Sprockets

We are the leading provider of Harley or V-Twin Chains and Sprockets. Find the right chain and sprocket for Harleys and V-Twins at our online store, for we offer a huge selection from well-known and top motorcycle chains and sprockets manufacturers. We sell only the best and high-quality products on the market today!

Harley and V-Twin Motorcycle Chains and sprockets are very important parts of the ride’s driveline. They are made from diverse materials that differ in durability, strength and performance. Owners should look for superior and not cheap replacement chains and sprockets to prevent further accident and of course to ensure the proper functioning of the Harley or V-Twin Motorcycle.

Chains and sprockets are two of the most important components of the motorcycle driveline. Choosing a Harley chain and/or sprocket is an act that must be taken seriously. Like other product lines, the differences are numerous. Chains and sprockets are made of different materials that have different qualities in the way of durability, strength and overall performance. 4wheelonline helps you with the research involved in selecting the proper chain and sprocket for your bike by compiling only the best of the best manufacturers of bike chains and sprockets.

With use of modern engineering techniques and newer, stronger and technically advanced materials available, contemporary chains and sprockets are lighter and more resilient than older ones. For instance, X-ring motorcycle chains are usually much stronger than the O-ring types. A chain with more tensile strength will stretch less and handle more power without breaking. X-ring motorcycle chains also tend to last nearly twice as long as an O-ring. So, while you will pay more for an X-ring, you won't have to replace it as often. Unlike X and Y ring chains, O-ring motorcycle chains are designed specifically to retain lubrication and to repel dirt and debris. This is the main reason why most modern motorcycles use O-ring motorcycle chains. O-Ring style chains are tougher and last longer, and as a result, they are more expensive than conventional roller chains. Solid roller type motorcycle chains are cheaper to replace, but they're better suited for racing applications because of their lighter weight. Keep in mind that roller motorcycle chains require much more lubrication.

You might be tempted to save a few bucks by buying a cheap chain or sprocket. We recommend that you get the best quality chain you can afford. The chain is critical to the proper functioning of your motorcycle. Replacing the chain is a difficult job that you should only have to do every 16 – 20, 000 miles/km. A cheap chain or sprocket may only last a couple thousand miles/km. It's better to do it right the first time and avoid the trouble and expense in the long run.