V-Twin Air Filters


Taking in the fresh air and pushing out used up air is vital to any engine. If sucking in fresh air is made easy for the engine, it makes more power. Keeping dirt and stones from getting into the bike’s engine is what an Air filter’s function. It is necessary to stay away from having horrible engine problems.

Choosing the right high quality Air filters for a V-Twin bike is crucial because there are some ordinary V-Twin air filters that badly reduce air flow. A great free-flowing V-Twin air filter employ a high-quality medium which permits air to pass through without problems, and so do not compromise the quality of its filtration. Increase in engine’s horsepower is guaranteed, given that ingestion of air is more freely.



Air Filter is allowing utmost fresh air, even fuel and oil to go through a V-Twin’s system for its whole efficiency and performance optimization. The Motorcycle Air filter is one of the well-known aftermarket motorcycle filter replacements. The Air filter keeps an engine clean and effortlessly turning over. Increasing horsepower and improving the life of the engine is also some of the best benefits an Air filter can provide. As long as you have a quality and clean V-Twin Air filter, your bike’s power, performance and gas mileage will consistently get better. .

You can choose from Air filter three different filter mediums, the paper filter, the foam and reusable cotton filters. These filters life span depends on use and regular maintenance. If an Air filter is clean it grants extra power that comes from an improved engine performance. If the engine’s airflow is congested the fuel will not burn up which fallout to decrease of an engine’s performance harshly. It is fairly economical to improve bike filters, but the performance paybacks are frequently immediately obvious.