V-Twin Lights

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Excellent V-Twin Lights can definitely improve the bike’s features and functionality. In the context of safety and style, motorcycle lights are essential components offering enhanced exterior appearance; thus making the bike’s presence more noticeable during the nighttime. Take a hold of the best prices on V-Twin Lights today!

It's become much easier to see and be seen on today's motorcycles. Using weak, unreliable and short-lived lighting powered by incandescent bulbs on motorcycles is a thing of the past. Technology has advanced to such a degree that you no longer have to squint to see the asphalt at night. Light choices are mostly dictated by style issues or the specific requirements of your riding environment and for all intents and purposes, stock lights are currently very good. Nevertheless, accessory lights increase your visibility even in daylight. They're also one of the easiest and consistently most popular aftermarket enhancements you can make to your motorcycle.

Additional lighting can enhance many of the facets of your bike's identity. From a style perspective, it can dress up the vacant spots, creating a certain style your bike may have been missing. From a safety standpoint, it can save your hide by announcing your presence and from a financial standpoint, it can actually add to your bike's resale value.

Of course, there are dozens of variations. You can get lighting as a mountable system, such as a light bar, which incorporates several different light sources across a single unit. You can also purchase a light as a single unit with a bulb, lens and housing, or you can replace your lens and/or stock bulb for more high-powered versions (LEDs, for instance). Lighting solutions that address the unique needs of motorcycles are on the rise and are widely available. New technologies include halogen, HID (high-intensity discharge), LED and xenon bulbs.

Before you start stringing xenon Christmas-tree lights all over your bike, remember that laws pertaining to auxiliary motorcycle lighting vary from state to state. One man's high-visibility lighting solution might be another's blinding beacon. You are encouraged to check with your local authorities before making any lighting modifications.

Also remember that any time you add an electrical or lighting accessory to your bike, amperage draw on the electrical system increases. Ask yourself if your bike really needs 12 additional taillights, because its charging system may no longer be able to keep up with the load. Check your owner's manual or contact the manufacturer for suggested tolerances.