Reese Gooseneck Hitches

Reese Gooseneck Hitches

Reese Gooseneck Hitches are improved and well designed hitches to meet towing hitched requirements for pickups truck. Reese Gooseneck Hitches uses a ball and coupler to strengthen the holding capabilities of the hitches when it come t towing applications. You can turn your pickup truck with a trailer in seconds with these Gooseneck Hitches. Get them now with great deals and as we marked as them best buy hitches.

Reese Gooseneck Hitches Configurations:
Under-Bed Gooseneck: This product is designed to mount under the truck bed for use with a gooseneck trailer. A 3-1/2" hole in the truck bed is required for installation and operation. The ball is stored upside down in the hitch when not used, with a magnetic cover to keep dirt and debris out.

Fold-Down & Remove-A-Ball: These units mount on top of an under bed rail system. The ball is either removed or folded down for easy access. These units offer additional convenience and save time.

2011 -2012 Ford Super Duty-Elite Series Under-Bed Gooseneck
  - REESE-3013826
Price: $1,916.41
Sale Price: $1,341.48

2011-2012 Dodge Ram 2500/3500-Elite Series Under-Bed Gooseneck Complete Hitch
  - REESE-3015852
Price: $2,182.86
Sale Price: $1,528.00

2011-2012 GM HD Series-Elite Series Under-Bed Gooseneck Complete Hitch
  - REESE-3015868
Price: $1,916.41
Sale Price: $1,341.48

Reese Elite Series Gooseneck
  - REESE-30845
Price: $1,519.57
Sale Price: $1,063.70

Reese Elite Series Under-Bed Bolt-On Gooseneck Head with Pop-In™ 2-5/16" Bal
  - REESE-30158
Price: $780.28
Sale Price: $546.20

Reese Elite Under-Bed Gooseneck Accessories Kit
  - REESE-30137
Price: $530.13
Sale Price: $371.09


  • Elite™ Under-Bed Gooseneck Accessories Kit
  • (1) 2-5/16" Pop-In Ball #19311
  • (1) Storage Bag
  • (2) Safety Chain Attachments
  • (1) Hole Cover

Installation: Installation Guide