Class V Hitch

Lowest Price on Class 3 and 4 Trailer Hitch!


Our line of Class V Hitch is assembled to meet truck owners need for a wide selection of trailer hitch that not only performs well but are also affordable. Heavy duty towing needs deserve a tough and reliable trailer hitch. Depend on these Class V Hitches to carry those trailers, campers and other large haul. Outfit any truck with any of these durable Class V Trailer Hitches now.

What can you tow with a Class III/IV Receiver Hitch?

  • large boat towing with class III/IV hitch
  • Class III/IV towing

Choose a Class V Trailer Hitch manufacturer below.

Draw-Tite<br /> Class V Hitches
From $ 188.65
Reese Class V Hitches
From $ 445.09

Great Deals on Class V Trailer Hitches

Class III/IV Trailer Hitch at the lowest price!

We have assembled an easy to find list of Class V Trailer Hitch for those heavy duty hauling jobs. These Class V Trailer Hitches takes towing to a different level with its Gross Trailer Weight of more than 10,000 lbs. The hitch's tongue weight of 1,200 lbs. makes it a definite partner for trucks that demands a much stronger trailer hitch. This monstrous trailer hitch is made from the toughest materials available and is manufactured to withstand long term use. Truck owners and enthusiasts will appreciate our complete line of Class V Trailer Hitch; for every truck brands and application year. With all these features, we are offering this high quality trailer hitch at the lowest price. Get the best Class V Hitch without breaking the bank. Shop now!

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