Blue Ox Accessory Kits

Blue Ox Towing Accessory Kits

Includes the bulb and socket wiring kit, a 7-6-wire electrical cable, 3-lock kit and a tow bar cover

Towing Accessories Kit, Aventa LX Tow Bar, Safety Cables Not Incl
  - BLOX-BX88229
Price: $264.75
Sale Price: $211.80
  • Contains 7-6 electrical cable, bulb and socket kit, 3-lock set, 4-diode kit and tow bar cover

Towing Accessory Kit, LX Series, 7 TO 6
  - BLOX-BX88231
Price: $301.59
Sale Price: $241.27
  • Bulb and socket and diode wiring kit
  • 7-6 coiled electrical cable
  • Tow bar cover for Aventa LX, Aladdin and Alpha Tow Bar
  • This product contains two ½ inch locks and one 5/8 inch locks