What Truck Bumpers Work Best With Lights?

What Truck Bumpers Work Best With Lights?

truck deerThere are over 400,000 accidents involving deer every year. With deer and moose on the road, it is important to have increased vision, so you can avoid accidents.
Sometimes, we are forced to drive through nature’s fury. It might be a whirling combination of Florida’s wind, rain, and lightning. It might be an un-relentless flurry of snow that falls from the Michigan sky. Or, it could be driving through the heavily forested roads of Tennessee, which are rampant with wild deer and moose. No matter what conditions you are faced with, it would be smart to protect your truck from the potential danger of the elements. One of the best ways to protect your truck from the hazardous elements on the road is to upgrade to a front end bumper equipped with extra lighting.

Enhance Your Vision!

If you are forced to drive through poorly lit roads, you may want to protect your truck by adding a front end bumper. Obviously, front end bumpers give a truck’s body extra protection from the hazards of the road. Also, it allows you to add more lights to help you see. With this enhanced vision of the road, drivers can feel twice as secure.

n fabThe N-Fab Pre-Runner is a sleek and stylish bumper that can add extra protection and enhanced vision at night.

The N-FAB Pre-Runner

For people that are looking for a practical and stylish front end bumper, the N-Fab Pre-Runner is a great choice. The N-Fab is perfect for any driver that is driving through dark, dangerous areas because it gives drivers the options of mounting extra lighting to the truck. The N-Fab Pre-Runner is made to hold three 8 inch lights that can help the night time vision of a driver. In addition, the N-Fab Pre-Runner is not nearly as bulky as other competitor brands while still offering strong protection.  The N-Fab consists of .096” steel tubing that keeps a truck’s body safe. This lighter weight keeps a vehicle from being bogged down and experiencing decreased acceleration.

Metal Mulisha

Another bumper to consider if you need to mount more lights to the front end of your truck is the Metal Mulisha brand. The Metal Mulisha assault style bumper offers a contemporary look and holds four 9 inch lights in between the two headlights. With this extra lighting, a driver will have enhanced vision of the darkest roads. These lights are protected by a 1.75” military grade tubing that is made of textured armor coating. Additionally, the Metal Mulisha front end bumper is made with a vented screen that helps to facilitate engine cooling.

With the dark and dangerous elements that drivers are forced to drive through, it is always a smart decision to upgrade a vehicle’s bumper. We offer a full assortment of Truck Bumpers and other Truck Accessories.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on October 15th, 2013
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