Understanding Leveling Kits for your Truck

Understanding Leveling Kits for your Truck

Understanding Leveling Kits

Do you droop at the front? Is your rear end too prominent? If you’re embarrassed by the way your truck looks, don’t worry, a leveling kit will put you back on the straight and level.

Some Trucks Are Just Born That Way

 leveling kit before and after

A leveling kit at work

Ever noticed how even a brand new truck can sit higher at the back than the front? This is because when a truck bed is empty the heavy engine weighs down the front suspension, leaving the rear to waggle its tail in the air. It’s not a particularly flattering view is it?

A similarly unpleasant sight is a truck hauling a load which causes the rear to drop way too low while the front points skywards. Both of these are easy fixes with a leveling kit and can be done for well under $200.

Time to Level Out with a Leveling Kit

leveling kit overloaded pickup

This guy is in need of a leveling kit

A heavy weight on either the front (engine, winch gear) or back (cargo, towed trailer) of a truck will cause it to ride unevenly. A front or rear leveling kit will raise one end of a truck to even up the height at either end and level everything out. This not only improves a vehicle’s overall appearance, but will also reduce stress and wear on the suspension and tires, as well as improving the handling characteristics.

Unlike a Lift Kit which raises all four corners of a truck or SUV, a leveling kit is only fitted to one end, depending on which is sitting lower. Leveling kits make more sense because a lowering kit is shackled to a vehicle’s suspension and compresses it, thus reducing the amount of shock absorption and suspension travel. A lifting kit doesn’t impede the shocks/springs’ movement so the vehicle retains a comfortable and responsive ride quality.

Picking the Best Leveling Kit for You

Identifying which end of a truck needs lifting is simple, but deciding on which type of leveling kit to use takes a bit more thought because there are five types of lifting kits.

leveling kit torsion key

Torsion keys offer up to 2” of lift

i.          Torsion Keys are high-grade forged components that replace weaker OEM parts. Working on a vehicle’s torsion bars, torsion keys can lift the front end by up to 2 inches.

ii.         Strut Extensions are spacers that sit on top of a vehicle’s front coil-over strut. Because they are simple to install they are very cost effective, and being quick to uninstall they are extremely popular with people who lease their truck. Various sizes will lift anywhere from 1 to 3 inches.

iii.        Coil Spacers work in much the same way as strut extensions. Among the cheapest of leveling kit options, coil spacers are placed on the coil springs themselves to achieve the desired lift; usually about 2 inches.

iv.        Block Kits are spacers designed to raise the back end of a vehicle. By far the most popular rear leveling method, these sturdy blocks sit between the rear axle and the chassis, providing up to 4 inches of lift. Easy to install, block kits are strong enough to cope with even the heaviest cargo loads.

leveling kit coil spacers

Coil Spacers are excellent value
for money and provide about 2 inches
of additional lift

v.         Air Suspension Kits can be fitted to the front or rear suspension to achieve the desired lift and leveling effect. Because they use air pressure they provide an incredibly smooth ride. There are various types of air suspension kit, including air helper springs that work in conjunction with the existing OEM suspension components, and air springs (called air bags) that replace the OEM parts on either the front or rear suspension.

Looks Good, Drives Good – Thanks Leveling Kit!

ready lift truck

Level and looking good

With a leveling kit you can make your truck look good and handle well, even when towing or hauling a load. Leveling kits can also buy those precious few inches necessary to fit bigger rims or tires.

If your truck or SUV doesn’t look or drive how you want it to, don’t get mad, get level. Learn more about Leveling Kits and other products at 4WheelOnline

By John Bone

Posted on August 30th, 2013
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