TIS Wheels Are Designed to Be the Ultimate Wheels

TIS Wheels Are Designed to Be the Ultimate Wheels

From the world of rock stars to the hip hop scene, TIS wheels are known as the ultimate wheel choice for celebrities striving to upgrade their rides. Hip hop stars such as Nelly and Ciara have already had a taste of TIS wheels on the Ford Mustang. During the 2011 launch of the Ford Mustang GT, Nelly gave huge praise to the vehicle while describing the new version as having “more power, [and] hotter style.” The Mustang GT on display was decked with a gloss black paint job, a custom wide Street Scene body kit and custom 22 and 24 inch TIS Modular wheels beneath a set of Pirelli tires. This was the ultimate convergence of the world’s most coveted vehicle part brands on the world’s most coveted muscle car. Shortly after, Nelly took a ride in the vehicle after taking a few pictures next to it.
Mercedes all black

The Identity of TIS Wheels

These wheels are made with premium aluminum alloys and huge twenty inch size varieties. This is in fact where the brand derives its name T.I.S – Twenty inch strong. Even tire manufacturing companies recognize the level of quality that TIS wheels come with. Ozzy Tyres, for example, refers to TIS as “a strong collection of styles and chromed wheels.”

The Chromed TIS Look

In fact if you check out four of the more popular TIS wheels they come in exclusive polished chrome finishes. The 535MB wheel for instance has a gloss black and chrome mixture on it. The chrome finish is applied on its spokes. Each spoke has a Y –shape on it with the middle section bearing a thin black indented overlay. This gives a fantastic mixture of shiny colors that can barely escape the attention of anyone around it.
Lifted GMC

For a fully chromed out appeal, the TIS 535V wheel is the wheel of choice. From the rim, the flange, the spokes and center cap, the TIS 535V reflects an even and polished chrome tone that will dazzle eyes instantly.

The Machined TIS Look

But maybe you are not as interested in an all gleaming look for your wheel. If you want that metallic look with less shine then the TIS 537MB might be a better option. With the TIS 537 MB, what you have is a machined face plate on top of the gloss black wheel spokes. The spokes are shaped in split spoke designs. They have a Y-shape like the 535MB wheel but the difference here is that the split spokes are angled out wider here.
Lifted Ford

A less complicated wheel from TIS wheels that retains the machined look is the TIS 536MB which has a five spoke pattern in addition to this. With a twin spoke wheel, the 536mb wheels blends in effortlessly with other passenger wheels on the streets or highways. If you are looking for that low profile look to ride to business meetings without calling for too much attention then this wheel suits you.

By: Sean Bowes
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