Three Intriguing Wheel Replica Wheel Series That Say It All

Three Intriguing Wheel Replica Wheel Series That Say It All

If there is one thing Wheel Replica knows how to accomplish well its unique rim design. The wheel manufacturing and distribution company from Katy Texas has been winning the trust of Americans for years with its unfailing ability to innovate good wheel profiles. They come in standard cast aluminum construction, bear positive offsets that frame the spokes and center caps in line with the flange and most importantly maintain uniqueness in each new wheel series.
Silver Ford Mustang

The wheels are made to be exclusively compatible for specific car makes including GMCs, Jeeps, Fords, Cadillacs to name a few and this is why the wheels are named after each matching car that they are made for. So today we will talk about some of the most eye catching series that Wheel Replica has produced to date and take note of what makes them stand out.

Wheel Replica Jeep SRT-8

The Jeep SRT-8 is a five spoke wheel with a split spoke profile. Its design is created to resemble twin spoke since each spoke is split into a pair of tubular pieces which part midway in a slight curve. In addition to this it is fashioned in a dark chrome finish which puts it at an immediate edge over all other wheels in the collection. Even with polished look it bears, the dark tint allows it to keep a low profile aura that completely matched the Grand Cherokee SRT’s executive appearance. Interestingly though is the fact that other color variants to the SRT-8 have a different spoke structure. They each bear 5 spokes but in singular spoke piece structures.
Green Ford Mustang

Wheel Replica SRT-10

The SRT-10 has a spoke design that Wheel Replica is famous for producing for SRT-10. This is a 5 spoke wheel with widely separated twin spokes that give it an unconventional yet executive touch. The center of the wheel has a pentagon shape where the five spokes converge as opposed to the traditional circular center cap formation you will find on most wheels in the market. It’s positive offset bring forth this distinct style to easy visibility on the road hence making the SRT-10 wheel an instant head turner.
White Ford Mustang

Wheel Replica SL-63 Gun Metal

The SL-63 bears two intriguing features that keep it special. First it spoke have a triplet profile. Each of the spokes is in three thin pieces that are divided by narrow splits. With the gun metal finish on the spokes, a brilliant suave luster is produced on the SL-63. The other features lie on the inner side of the flange where a matte black color resides. This finish is also present on the inner sides of the spokes.

By: Sean Bowes
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