The Three Main Wheel Finishes Offered by Milanni Wheels

The Three Main Wheel Finishes Offered by Milanni Wheels

They are regarded as the hottest custom wheel brand by many and there is a reason why. Milanni wheels are made to match the classy taste of luxury car owners while producing the kind of performance that make them dependable for any road trip. They are made with a distinct kind of profile and design value. As we saw earlier, Milanni wheels have a star shaped outline to their spoke designs. These spokes come in sets of five, six and eight. But that is not the only thing that Milanni wheels have in common. They also feature a subtle array of color finishes. You can thus get your set of wheels in black, machined or chrome finish.
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Black Milanni

The black range of Milanni wheels is comprised of different shades of black. They have a matte black option for those who prefer a less glaring look and gloss black for those who want to stand out on every level. There is only one matte black Milanni wheel in the entire collection and that is the Kool Whip 8. As the name suggests, the wheel is made for a cool vibe and thus minimizes on polishing to keep that low profile alive. The entire wheel is matte black from rims to spokes save for the center cap which is made in the standard chrome finish for Milanni center caps. Gloss black Milanni wheels come in a wider variety and include the Milanni Bel-Air, Force and Kool Whip 8 to name a few.

Chrome Milanni

There are just as many chrome wheel options from Milanni as there are black. The chrome finish however does not come in a variety of chrome subsets. Milanni’s chrome finish is a uniform reflective luster of highly polished and durable finishing material which is easy to clean and maintain. Some of the wheel series from Milanni that have a chrome option in addition to black are the Milanni Phoenix, Milanni Kool Whip 5,6, 8 and the Milanni Force series. Other wheels series from Milanni are offered exclusively in chrome e.g. the Milanni Paralyzer which has a chrome disc on the rim in place of traditional spokes.
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Machined Milanni

Milanni’s machined wheel series are not entirely in a machined finish. They are combinations of black parts and machined parts. The Milanni Stellar Black machined for instance majorly consists of machined sections such as the spokes and inner rim area. The sides of each spoke are however in a matte black finish. The Kool Whip 8 on the other hand is majorly gloss black with machined face spokes that bear black inserts.

In general Milanni wheels are not over the top with color selection but they narrow down their options to the most favored finishes you would want in the market.

By: Sean Bowes
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