The Best of the Best from Motegi Wheels

The Best of the Best from Motegi Wheels

Motegi is a big name in motorsport racing. The Twin Ring Motegi race track was built in Motegi, Japan by Honda back in 1997 when they were trying to introduce IndyCar racing culture to the country. The Motegi race track is the only oval course in Japan and has been a huge success so far. It is used annually for various renowned race series such as NASCAR’s Coca Cola 500, MotoGP and the Indy 300. The Motegi racing team is a team of professional race car drivers who use Motegi Racing’s set of top notch wheels to earn international racing titles every year. Let’s take a look at some of the wheels from Motegi Racing Wheels that turn drivers into champions.
Nissan 350Z

Motegi Racing MR116 Matte Black

The Motegi Racing MR116 is an instantly recognizable series of wheels from Motegi because of its unique outer identity. It has a cool matte black finish all over – from the spokes to the rims and flange. In addition to this, it bears a red stripe all along the lip and an offset center where the cap and lugs are located. With its simple five spoke profile, it is a wheel that is made for business. Functionality is the prime aim of this classy wheel and this is supported by the one-piece cast aluminum construction used to make it. This ensures that it is both lightweight and robust enough to take extreme forces on the track.
Mistubishi lancer

Motegi Racing MR120

The Motegi MR120 comes in silver, black and chrome finishes. This series consists of plain finishes coupled with more complex spoke profiles. All three models of the MR120 bear a consistent finish on the entire wheel. The spokes are however shaped into a split spoke pattern which starts at the middle of the spoke’s length. With a set of seven spokes on the rim, the Y- spoke design gives a sophisticated caliper appeal that carries the identity of the MR120.
Motegi pick a color

Motegi Racing MR128

The detail on the Motegi MR128 is enough to get you smiling. It has a sleek twin dished spoke design consisting of 5 slender spokes. The spokes have a machined face that gives them an additional touch of brilliance. The rest of the wheel is in satin black and the lip has a unique rivet outlay. It comes with 45 mm offset which guarantees you a wide enough base and all the needed stability to win track races.

These three wheels are the top picks for Motegi racers and their build says it all. For more wheel options though you can take a look at the rest of the line up on the main page

By: Sean Bowes
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