The 4 Features to Admire in Vision Off Road Wheels

If you know Vision Wheels then you know it is a company that makes wheels based on an exact concept of the driving experience they will evoke. This is why Vision wheels is the manufacturer of three wheel brands; Milanni, Vision and Sport Concepts . Milanni is the luxury car enthusiasts brand, Sport Concepts is line of sports car wheels designed with ultra performance in mind. Vision caters for a variety of utility and consumer needs including golf carts and most essentially off road driving. Vision Off road offers a line of off road wheels that combine qualities that will keep your truck in top form each day.

Spoke Design

The spoke design on Vision wheels vary from wheel to wheel. Most wheels feature either a six spoke pattern or a five spoke pattern. The individual spoke structure in itself is quite simplistic and doesn’t venture for alternative shapes as can be found on luxury vehicles. The only additional touch that Vision off road wheel feature on the spokes is a mixture of finishes. The Vision Raptor for instance has a machined face with black insert on each spoke. The Vision V-TEC Assassin has a thin strip of machined finishing on its black spokes as well. One common characteristic you will however note is the machined accent section that connects the spokes to the rim in true style.

Lips Patterns

A number of wheels in Vision Off road line up have additional styling on the lips. Series like the V-Tec Assassin, V-Tec Fury, V-Tec Rage and Wizard contain a ring of beadlocks on the lips. On the V-Tec Wizard these beadlocks are less and are arranged to align with the spokes. The V-Tec Raptor – Machined has an exceptional lip pattern that alternates its machined beadlock sections on a black lip.

Uniform Lug Fitment

All Vision Off road wheels have 5, 6 and 8 lug fitment abilities. This makes them instantly compatible with major truck models such as Ford Dodge, GMC, Chevy, Toyota's and Nissan's. The bolt circle diameter for each wheel’s spec options fall into wide range that start as low as 114.3 mm and extend all the way to 180 mm.

Variety of Offsets

The great thing about Vision Off road wheels is that each series offers a variety of offset spec options. For those who prefer the advantages of positively offset wheels, you can get a 35 mm offset on your wheel with you’re the Vision Wizard and as low as -12mm with the Raptor if you are into negatively offset rims. This range is not too wide to create extremes and this therefore keeps the wheel within a certain structural scope that is part of Vision’s wheel engineering principles.

By: Sean Bowes
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