Spoke Patterns You Can’t Resist from Privat Wheels

Have you ever walked down the street and seen a set of rims on someone’s car that made his car look cooler than everyone driving the same model? Sometimes the difference boils down to the spokes on his rims. Privat Wheels have the most eclectic set of rims with spoke patterns that will turn heads immediately. These wheels are made by Konig Wheels, the heavily reputed wheel manufacturer that has brought us other great wheel brands such as Bravado, Maxxim and Avanti Racing. These wheels feature a vintage look and feel that will make car-makes such as Mustangs, Camaros and Chargers adopt their truest identity. So let’s see what spoke patterns are all about with Privat Wheels.
Up close with Privat Wheels

Five Spoke Wheels

There are three awesome 5 spoke wheels to choose from under Privat wheels set of wheel models. These are the Privat Kuhl, Privat Kup and Privat Legend. Both the Kup and Legend are made with a 5 spoke pattern that is surrounded with a bead-lock ring on the flange. The spokes and bead-locks create a fantastic combination for the wheels. The Privat Kuhl is however made for anyone who likes their 5 spoke wheel plain and simple. It avoids additional embellishments on the lip and has slimmer spokes than the other two series. The Privat Kuhl is also completely designed in a uniform gloss black finish on every part including the center cap.
Up close with Privat Wheels

Twin Spoke Wheels

Privat Twin Spoke models include the Weiden and Rivale. The Privat Weiden is a 10 twin spoke wheel that uses slimmer spoke size to accommodate the elegant look. Coupled with a silver finish, the Weiden accomplishes an executive feel to it despite having such a huge number of spokes. In addition to this, the spokes are curved in to a concave center that bears the Privat logo.

The Rivale is conspicuously different from the Weiden in that it has far less spokes. It is a five twin spoke wheel and just like the Privat Kup and Legend it bears a bead-lock arrangement on the flange hence giving a familiar face to these two 5 spoke wheels.
Up close with Privat Wheels

The Remember Series

The Privat Remember is clearly one wheel series you will not forget. The intricate details included in this rim’s spokes are a testament to why Privat rules when it comes to spoke profiles. Its retro European styling includes an unbelievable 17 Y- spoke design on it which converges around the center cap into a beautiful series of diamond tessellations. The center cap bears a machined face with the Privat logo. As if this is not enough, the flange also has a bead-lock pattern around it in a machined finish. The Privat Remember wheel comes in two deluxe finish options of gold and silver.

By: Sean Bowes
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