Smittybilt XRC Synthetic Ropes

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The Smittybilt XRC synthetic winch rope is crafted from Dyneema SK-75 material which is more stronger and lighter than traditional steel cables - weighing in at 1/7th the weight of steel cables. These ropes are designed to resist kinks, curls or splinters. XRC synthetic rope are torque free, non-rotational, boast minimal stretch and floats in water. Each ropes is UV and heat treated topped with special coating to prevent winch drum slip. Each Smittybilt XRC synthetic rope comes in a complete set including a 10' protective sleeve, stainless steel thimble and hammer forged safety hook with connector link.

  • Manufactured from Dyneema SK-75
  • 1/7th The Weight of Steel Cable
  • Lighter and stronger than steel cable
  • Floats - Minimal Weight - Torque Free
  • No Kinks, Curls or Wire Splinters to Deal With
  • Minimal Stretch - Non Rotational
  • UV & Abrasive Resistant
  • Specially coated to prevent slippage of the winch drum
  • Comes with a protective sleeve to prevent overheating
  • Available in different sizes and weight ratings