What are the Best Sand Tires?

The United States military is always developing new products for soldiers and civilians. Since Operation Desert Storm in the early 1990s, the U.S. military has spent a significant amount of time navigating through the sandy Middle East. So, having a properly equipped vehicle that can handle the arid, sandy conditions has always been a priority. By early 2014, manufacturers plan to start carrying non-pneumatic tires that have been developed by the military (Howerton). Non-pneumatic tires are airless tires that will not flatten because they are filled with a flexible web. These new tires are just another development in the world of sand tires. When shopping for a tire that can handle the demands of riding on the beach or through the desert, there are a few things to keep in mind.

military-tireThe Non-Pneumatic tire is the latest development from the military. They cannot be flattened, are extremely durable, and will be released in 2014.

Avoid Sinking

Sand tires are designed to help a truck or SUV move across the top of sandy terrain. The worst thing that can happen to a driver is that the truck sinks and the vehicle gets stuck in the sand. The likelihood of sinking is eliminated by two things: having a wider tire and tire deflation. Actually, the two go hand in hand. When choosing a sand tire, a driver should look for a tire with a large side wall. This is important because when the driver lowers the air pressure of the tire, the sidewalls will expand downwards and give more surface area that is in contact with the ground. This will help the vehicle “float” on the sand.

Tread Pattern

Another way to make sure that your truck’s tires are ready for the sand is having the proper tread. The all-terrain/sand tire tread is closer together than the wider tread design of mudding tires. Wider tread makes it easier for the tire to clean-out and continue to dig. However, this is not ideal for a sand tire because digging is not wanted. The BF Goodrich Baja T/A is one of the best sand tires on the market because it helps to provide flotation through its easy fallout tread pattern. This easy fallout tread pattern helps to keep the tire from digging and actually requires less deflation on the sand in comparison to other tires. Another great option is the Nitto Dune Grappler. The Grappler is especially noted for its off-road traction, which is enhanced by the intermediate void ratio between its tread. Also, the Grappler is one of the favorites of dune drivers because it has lowered its siping. The lowered siping creates a tire that has more surface area in contact with the ground, which creates better-floating capability.
BF-BajaThe BF Goodrich Baja T/A is a great tire for driving on sand because its fallout tread pattern keeps vehicles from sinking.

Driving Style

Even though having the proper tires can help a vehicle drive through sandy conditions, it is also important to make sure that your vehicle has continuous forward momentum. Keeping a steady forward movement can keep the vehicle from getting bogged down when going too slowly. Also, staying at a steady pace will keep the vehicle's tires from moving too fast and spinning with little to no traction. Both of these negative scenarios will make the vehicle’s engine works overtime and burns more fuel. So, making sure that your driving technique is solid is just as important as having the right tires.

When it is time to find the best sand tire, it is important to know what to look for. At 4wheelonline, we offer all of the information to help you make the best decision possible. If there are any further questions about Tires or any other automotive upgrade, please visit us at 4WheelOnline.com.

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By: Tim Snyder Google
Posted on May 14th, 2013

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