Safety Is a Coveted Commodity- Adding a Bumper Can Help

Safety Is a Coveted Commodity- Adding a Bumper Can Help

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

In 1966, the infant version of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was formed. It was formed because of the increased pressure coming from the American public about the safety of motor vehicles. For years, the NHTSA tormented cheap manufacturers by putting their products through rigorous crash testing simulations.

In 2011, the NHTSA raised their crash test standards to an all-time high. Trucks now had to go through the New Car Assessment Program, which looked for increased strength against side pole crashes and improved crash avoidance technologies.

crashtestdummyDon’t be a dummy; car safety is very important.
The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and 2014 GMC Sierra Earn a 5 Star Crash Rating

Now, approximately two years after the New Car Assessment Program was implemented, there has FINALLY been a series of large pick-up trucks to break through and earn an overall five star rating. The trucks: the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and the 2014 GMC Sierra.

For the tests, both trucks earned 5 out of 5 stars in the front and side crash tests and a 4 star rating for the rollover tests. The next highest competitor trucks were the 2014 Ford F-150 and 2014 Ram 1500, which only earned an overall rating of 4 stars. The difference between 4 and 5 star ratings may not seem like much, but in today’s ultra-competitive auto industry, everything counts.

Gay Kent, the president of GM, said in a recent press release, “Safety is as important to truck buyers as it is to car buyers. Silverado and Sierra [have] a full array of advanced features designed to protect occupants before, during and after a collision.” In fact, safety is so important that the 5 star Silverado and Sierra trucks are anticipated to make up 60 percent of GM’s 2014 light duty full-size pickup truck sales. Undoubtedly, safety is important to customers, and there tools that can improve a truck’s safety even further, even if it has a 5 star rating.

Increase Your Protection Further

Having a truck with a high crash rating is great because you know you’re getting a high quality product from the manufacturer, but what are you doing to protect your truck?

According to the NHTSA, front end bumpers are not primarily designed to directly affect occupant protection, but are “designed to protect the hood, trunk, grille, fuel, exhaust and cooling system as well as safety related equipment such as parking lights, headlamps and taillights in low speed collisions.” So by protecting your truck and its safety features, you will be creating an overall safer ride.

westinWestin is one of 4 Wheel Online’s top-selling bumpers.
Look to 4 Wheel Online

At 4 Wheel Online, we carry a number of truck bumpers that are aimed to help protect the truck that protects you. Our bumpers come from a wide array of manufacturers that are designed to fit your specific vehicle. Some of these include:

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It doesn’t matter if you need to replace an old bumper or want to upgrade your vehicle; we have the aftermarket upgrades at prices that will blow the competition away!

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on August 22nd, 2013
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