Running Boards Types

Running Boards Types

Running boards enable you to achieve a wider stepping surface. They also provide you with a higher height capacity compared to most nerf bars. When buying a running board there are various options that you can choose from in order to achieve that perfect style you have been looking for.

Molded Steps

Most running boards are molded from durable UV-resistant polymers and feature sturdy aluminum baseboards for enhanced strength. Westin Polymer running boards are the perfect choice for you if you are planning to custom paint parts to match your ride’s finish. Most boards are available in a black textured or dark gray finish that is ready for paint and primer.

Lighted Running Boards

Lighted running boards offer you functionality and style. The parts are built with lights on either end. This makes the stepping surface more visible to you during the dark hours. Additionally, the lights give your vehicle a unique glow when you open the doors.

Retracting Running Boards

If you are a car owner who is looking for the convenience of a running board but still wants to maintain the smooth looks and side clearance of going without side steps, then there is a perfect solution for you.

High-tech running boards such as AMP Research PowerStep will satisfy all your expectations as they swing out under your ride when you open your doors and retract when you shut them. Additionally, the steps extend much further compared to permanently mounted running boards, making it more comfortable and natural for you to step into your vehicle. Your friends and relatives will be impressed with these advanced running boards.

While there are many benefits associated with installing a running board, it will be up to you which of the benefits will influence you into buying one. Running boards not only look stylish on your vehicle but they are also efficient if you have children or any other passenger who is not tall enough to get in the truck by themselves. Running boards are useful for getting into a SUV or truck that has been lifted and has larger tires and wheels. Furthermore, you can also utilize running boards the same way you use doormats at your house. Wipe your feet on the running board and remove all excess dirt before getting inside your vehicle.

Overall, when you are looking for a running board, always make sure you choose stores that provide a guarantee when you buy boards online.

By: Jon Aragon
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