Restoring the Factory Shine to Faded Fender Flares

If you have owned a Jeep Wrangler for either a short or a long time, you know that its fender flares will at some point start fading. The faded flares can give your Wrangler an ugly look that you obviously do not want. Most factory installed and aftermarket fender flares start out looking nice and shiny but after years of use they end up having a crappy dull finish that does not look good at all.
Ford F-250 Fender

There are cleaning products that you can use to restore the shine of your fender flares but only for a while if you regularly drive though rainy conditions. The next best option is to repaint the flares. This is a good option but unfortunately takes a lot of time and the paint can easily be scratched or scraped. Since both these options are ruled out, you may want to go with the best solution that involves using a paint conditioner.

Why Use a Paint Conditioner

Paint conditioners are mostly used to make oil based paints spread easier on a surface. These can also be used to revive the factory shine of fender flares and restoring old fiberglass. Paint conditioners may not offer a permanent solution as they are affected by external elements but they are much more preferred as they last longer compared to cleaning products. With paint conditioners, you will not have to worry too much when driving through rain storms.
Ford F-150 Fender

Buy the Paint Conditioner

The first thing that you obviously have to do is to buy the paint conditioner. You can get paint conditioners from the paint departments of most hardware stores. No matter where you get your conditioner from, go with the one you have worked with before and make sure it does not damage your fender flares.

Mask Off the Painted Area and Apply the Conditioner

Before applying the paint conditioner, you will need to mask off the painted area. This will help guide you on where to apply it and avoid applying on other parts of your car. If you do not the mask off the painted areas, you might get the conditioner on those parts leaving an uneven finish. For applying the paint conditioner on the fender flares, you can use a foam brush. Foam brush is perfect as it is able to control the amount of conditioner applied.
Dodge Ram all Red

Wipe the Flare

Like any other truck accessory that has been restored, the flares need to be wiped down to give them a shiny and clean finish. This can easily be done using a piece of cloth.

By: James Langston
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