Redefining What Luxury Means With Motiv Wheels

Redefining What Luxury Means With Motiv Wheels

For a long time now, upgrading your ride with luxurious accessories has been seen as an expensive affair out of reach for most people. Luxury aftermarket wheels have particularly been expensive discouraging most vehicle owners from getting them. This may change in the near future as Motiv wheels has four different wheel styles that include the Majestic, Maranello, Magellan and Modena styles.
Black Chevy Camero

The 407MB Majestic Wheels

The 407MB Majestic wheels are simple yet elegant with a minimalistic look. They have a stylish gloss black finish with a mirror-machined face to give your car a desirable luxury look. They are constructed using one-piece aluminium to make them lightweight, strong and durable. These wheels are perfect for most car owners because they combine modern European designs with enhanced performance technology.

They are available in sizes 18 to 22 inch with popular metric and standard lug patterns.
Grey BMW

Motiv 409 Magellan Wheels

These wheels come in two different finishes of satin black and mirror machined face with gloss black accents. Both these finishes will add a stylish and luxurious appeal to your vehicle. The ones with a satin black finish are referred to as the Motiv 409 B Magellan Wheels while the ones with gloss black accents are referred to as Motiv 409MB Magellan. They are available in 18 and 20-inch sizes making them perfect for most streetcars.

What makes these wheels different is the fact that they are among the very few wheels that have successfully combined paint and chrome for a modern and stylish look. These wheels are offered in staggered fitments and are suitable for both passenger cars and crossovers.

Motiv 414 MB Modena Wheels

The Motiv 414 MB Modena Wheels have a sporty six-spoke pattern. They are available in 18 and 20-inch sizes with varying offset numbers. The mirror machined face and gloss black accents on these wheels give the car a luxurious look that will draw attention anytime you show up. They are available in different weights of 24, 29 and 31 pounds. The innovative engineering techniques used and the modern European design of these wheels makes them a bargain compared to other luxury wheels.
Yellow Dodge Charger

Motiv 410 BM Maranello Wheels

These wheels come in gloss black with milled accents for those who want an aggressive and luxurious look or Mirror machined face with gloss black accents for those preferring a bold and stylish look. They come in three different sizes of 18, 20 and 22 inches with varying widths and offset numbers. These wheels have a five-spoke design that gives them a classic and a modern touch at the same time.

By: James Langston
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