Protecting Your Vehicle with Westin Bull Bars

Protecting Your Vehicle with Westin Bull Bars

Westin Automotive Products Inc. is a major manufacturer of aftermarket Westin nerf bars, bull bars, grille guards, driving lights, light bars, running boards, billet grilles and off-road lights. Westin is the parent company of the existing Westin family of brands: FEY, Wade, and T-MAX. The company knows that when it comes to accessorizing a vehicle, quality and brand is the key.
GMC truck with a Westin Bull Bar

Prior to purchasing a bull bar, you have to consider the environment under, which you operate your truck. If you are living within the city, the type or protection you require is likely to be simple or minimal. However, because of your truck’s height advantage, you do not need to worry about your side markers or headlights being damaged. But you need to consider the function and construction of the bull bars.

Function and Construction of Bull Bars

With the Westin Bull Bars, you can easily protect the vulnerable front-end components of your truck or Jeep from damage while at the same time giving it a tough looking and off-road character.
GMC truck with a Westin Bull Bar and lights

The Westin bull bars are constructed from three-inch stainless steel tubing and are sealed against corrosive elements using a durable powder or fine polished finish. The bull bars are constructed for your specific model, year, make and feature a solid one-piece construction making them strong and durable.


Depending on your vehicle and the type of protection you require, installing Westin bull bar is so easy. However, a lot is based on the type of your vehicle in addition to the level of fabrication expertise; however, it is mostly based on the bull bar itself. Who made it? What is it made from? One of the biggest names in the bull bar business is the Westin and there are specific guidelines for installation.
Ford truck with a Westin Bull Bar

The Installation Steps

Once you get your hand on the Westin bull bar, there are basic installation guidelines you need to follow. 1. Open the package of your new Westin bull bar and carefully read the installation instructions.

2. Check to make sure that you have all the necessary tools and nothing is missing from the package.

3. Crawl beneath your truck or Jeep and locate the factory drilled holes

4. Bolt the Westin bull bar brackets before you torque them down

5. Then connect the Westin bull bar brackets to the mounting brackets. It is important to ensure that everything is leveled and even.

6. It is also important for you to double check that all the bolts are tight enough.

By: Jon Aragon
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