Privat Wheels is the King of Konig

Privat Wheels is the King of Konig

When a customer is looking to purchase a wheel that is affordable, performs well and has an excellent reputation for durability, it can be hard to find something that fits all of their needs. König is one of the only companies in the aftermarket that is well known throughout the entire racing world for carrying only top-quality products. Their wheels are manufactured all around the world and have been used in some of the most publicized competitions in road racing.

König’s Custom Wheels

König Wheels has a lot of reasons to say that they’re the kings of the automotive wheel industry. For a quarter of a century, König has been dominating the aftermarket with innovative and affordable designs for car enthusiasts. All of their designs are track tested to ensure optimum performance in a competitive setting, so that König can hold its own against some wheels that cost twice as much.

According to König, they started to make an affordable racing solution for the general American public that was starting to invest heavily in imported sports cars. With Porsches, Volkswagens and Mercedes being modified by gear heads and speed freaks, König saw the opportunity to give racers a wheel that didn’t say BBS, MOMO or CRAGAR on the inside of it.

König started from their parent company Pan Mar Corporation, an established importer and exporter that had been doing business since 1935. In 1975 Pan Mar started selling off automotive parts and accessories. From their success and stellar reputation they were able to start manufacturing König wheels, which then got them started branching out into other wheel brands, like Privat.

Their company has been featured in a number of national races and websites, and their wheels can be found being used by enthusiasts all over the world. Since the company’s inception König has said that they’re committed to quality and keeping up with the trends of modern racing.

“We proactively serve our customers and create a lasting relationship by providing quality products and services,” says a spokesperson for König.

To keep up with the latest trends in rims, König has made sure to offer wheels for a variety of different vehicles. Privat is the latest wheel brand that Konig has released. Concentrating on racing wheels with a 2-step lip design and a lightweight finish, it’s sure to turn heads at any stoplight. Konig’s current wheel brands include:

  • Advanti: Blending the personalities from two different wheel styles, Advanti wheels use the sprits of F1 speed machines with the finish of sport-luxury look.  
  • Maxxim Wheels: With a wide range of mesh and spoke style wheels, Maxxim is aimed for a younger tuner looking for a racer style rim.
  • Privat Wheels: Available with custom offsets and sizes, Privat wheels is picking up a serious following in the modified car world. Featuring 2-step wheels with machined lips, the wheels are built with extreme precision to keep you rolling straight and true through apex turns.

Konig’s Warranty

Tuners can buy with confidence from that their wheels are built to take the abuse from everyday driving as well as track days. Privat Wheels, along with the rest of the Konig 2014 lineup, come with an impressive warranty that covers any defects for an entire year. If for any reason a person finds an imperfection or has a problem with their wheels, Konig or Privat Wheels will replace any wheel free of charge.

Because of they have pushed the limits in performance, availability with a wide range of styles and sizes, Privat has quickly added to the status of König’s brand, proving that you can be the king of wheels for a long, long time.

By Sean Bowes
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