Platinum Wheels Talking Wheel Offset and Spoke Designs

Platinum Wheels: Talking Wheel Offset and Spoke Designs

With nearly fifty different wheel models, Platinum Wheels is a brand that keeps churning out top quality to the market every time. Luxury car and sedan owners can confirm the satisfaction of driving on Platinum wheels. They have long lasting finishes, great rim size options and innovative spoke patterns. As much as they are made for luxury cars they don’t go overboard to make completely unconventional wheel designs but they combine the best of what’s preferred to produce new wheels. Consequently Platinum wheels make a great set for cars makes like Cadillacs, Acuras, MBW and Mercedes Benz.
Hyundai Sonnata with Platinum wheels


Use of positive offsets on Platinum Wheels

Platinum wheels have positive offsets. Most of the center caps on Platinum wheels lay level with the flange’s surface. This is visible on Platinum series such as Platinum 081 E-twine, Platinum 093 Gem, Platinum 401 Marathon. These wheels have straight spokes that align evenly with the flange and produce offsets as large as 45mm as is notable on Platinum 404 Arctic wheels.

Other Platinum wheels such as the Platinum Cloak, Platinum Patriarch and Diamonte have more curved spoke designs which lean into the inner surface of the rim while their center caps protrude to lie level with the flange’s level. This still maintain a large positive offset on the wheels.
Red Ford F-150 with Platinum wheels

Advantages of Offset wheels

The offsets on all these Platinum wheel types enable them to accommodate the wide rim sizes they come in. The Platinum 200 Apex series for instance has 15 inch rim that spread seven inches wide and 18 inch rims that have an 8 inch width. These combinations of offset and wheel size ensure that handling is kept at a mechanical advantage and that for the added acceleration rates to be gain by fitting in larger rims on your executive ride, you will maintain a good amount of cornering stability and steady maneuvering over bumps.

Platinum’s Spoke Pattern Variety

In addition to great offset practice Platinum wheels are built with creative spoke patterns. The patterns range between 5 spoke and 16 spoke designs such as can be found on the Platinum 405 Emotion wheel. This is as wide a range as any luxury car can require.
Ford Mustang with Platinum wheels

In addition to this Platinum spoke pattern feature a variety of spoke profiles including split spokes, spokes with inserts and twin spoke designs. The most outstanding split spoke wheel in the collection is the Platinum Recluse whose spokes branch out like dry twigs. Others like the form a hollow star shape that produces excellent aerodynamic properties and light weight.

By: Sean Bowes
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