Motiv Wheels Are Enhanced Through ChromaFuse Process

In today’s aftermarket world, companies are all looking to get an edge on the competition when it comes to styling and performance. Well, Motiv Wheels found there edge through a state-of-the-art manufacturing process known as ChromaFuse.

Okay, ChromaFuse… That Sounds Great and All, But What the Hell Is It?

ChromaFuse is a process of styling that is intended to create sharper and brighter images. Originally, this process was developed for instrument and console panels, but Motiv noticed that there was potential for something else. So, they tested it out on their wheels and bang! They had the newest sensation. They had a process that could give them an edge over the competition.

Jon Aragon, a director of operations in the aftermarket wheel industry, says, “When you look through wheel line-ups in the aftermarket world, there really isn’t anything as stylish as Motiv Wheels. Their sharp, aggressive look is eye catching, and much of this is undeniably due to their use of the Chromafuse manufacturing process.”

Motiv Wheel’s Advantages with ChromaFuse

After using and perfecting the ChromaFuse process over the last few years, Motiv Wheels have noticed a number of advantages that come from the technique. Some of these include:
  • ChromaFuse provides 3 times the light transmission of conventional diffuser techniques. This helps preserve Motiv’s wheels and keep them from fading by deflecting light instead of absorbing it.
  • ChromaFuse helps to give a sharper and more aggressive look, which is right in line with the Motiv Wheel philosophy.
  • ChromaFuse is heat resistant in continuous service. Unlike other sealants and enhancers, this process is guaranteed to last through all conditions, which is of course beneficial to your wheels long term styling and performance.
As soon as they came across the ChromaFuse process, Motiv Wheels knew that it would be a huge addition to their manufacturing process. This, of course, had to do with the extraordinary reviews that ChromaFuse was getting from scientists across the country.

Don’t believe it? Check out what the Performance Coatings International Laboratory said of ChromaFuse after an in depth testing and review.

According to the official report, “The ChromaFuse coating is three times as effective as conventional diffuser films and will make colors more uniformly bright and greatly enhance readability. Chromafuse is an optical coating of neutral color value so that all spectral characteristics of the substance are preserved.”

Today, Motiv Wheels, are one of the hottest wheels available. Part of this has to do with ChromaFuse, and part of this has to do with Motiv always looking for the edge that will help satisfy their customers.

By: Tim Snyder
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