Mayhem Wheels Increase The ‘Fear Factor’

Mayhem Wheels Increase The ‘Fear Factor’

mayhem wheels
Every so often a company shows up on the aftermarket claiming that they have the wildest products since the Super Swamper tire was conceived. If you’re an avid off-roader, you know that these companies rarely last a season, let alone a year. However, a while ago, Mayhem Wheels started rolling out their products, and everyone listened.

If you have had the chance to check out Mayhem’s Wheels, then you already know why truck and Jeep owners have been talking about these rims. To be blunt, the wheels are insane. There is not one tame design in their entire catalogue (which has more than two dozen different models.

However, we can tell you first hand that these wheels do more than look crazy. They’re built to take the abuse from even the craziest drivers. Hardcore enthusiasts will tell you that these wheels were built for violence; the entire lineup is a collection of extreme wheels that were manufactured to withstand the grueling drives of rush hour as well as desert and off-roading conditions. Plus, they’re backed by official accreditations.

The entire lineup of Mayhem Wheels has been tested by officials to see if their rims are road and off-road worthy. In fact, every Mayhem Wheel produced exceeds the approval of national and international standards including ISO 9000, OEM, SEA JWL-T and TUV approval ratings. Plus, the wheels are made with multi-fit technology, which ensures that these rims can be installed with maximum fender clearance.

A Brand That is Growing in Popularity

Mayhem focuses on wheels that look and perform in an aggressive manner. If you asked one of the Mayhem wheels over for dinner, it would show up late, spill beer on your couch and do a burnout in your front yard. We’re not saying we condone this type of behavior, but there are some personalities out there that are rough around the edges. Mayhem Wheels might be roughest we’ve ever come across. Recently, we took a peek at a few of the latest wheels from the brand. Look below, if you dare:
    mayhem wheels 2
  • Missle: These wheels look like they were forged in Hell. A Coffin Black finish with a blood red inner lip makes this wheel one of the most sinister designs ever conjured. If you’re looking for large wheels, that scare the neighborhood kids, these are perfect. The Missle starts at 18’’ and goes all the way up to 22’’.
  • RIOT: These days, it’s hard to find a radical wheel with an aggressive design and an all-chrome finish. As you can see, there is no part of this wheel that was left untouched from the All-Bling finish. This rim also uses advanced technology to guarantee its strength, no matter what kind of rig you drive.  
  • Tank: You’re probably getting coal this year for Christmas, but you’re a bad boy, so you’ll probably still ask nicely for these wild wheels.  The Tank is a stylish mixture of a deep-dish wheel with a robust centercap, beadlock design and chrome accents that make it impossible for other drivers to look away. If you’re looking for a durable, Milled Wheel, this is what you need. 
If you’re searching for a new set of aftermarket wheels that were made to be scare other drivers, improve performance and add a whole other level of style to your ride, then you need to pick up a set of Mayhem Wheels. However, you have been warned, these wheels weren’t made for the timid…

If you have any questions about Mayhem and the models that are available, be sure to call the wheel and tire experts at at 813-769-2451.

By Sean Bowes
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