Mayhem Wheels Four of the Best

Mayhem Wheels: Four of the Best

Mayhem Wheels
Improved performance and better appearance are the two main goals that Mayhem wheel’s engineers set out to achieve when they hit the production line. They are designed to satisfy the off road market with a combination of cast aluminum styling, sturdy mechanical structures and stability oriented offsets. Most of the wheels bear a neutral offset which sets your truck’s body weight level with the center of the wheel and thus allows it to achieve better handling and steering. Just like all other wheels from TWG (The Wheel Group) Mayhem wheels have been ISO certified to industry standards. They have been categorized into a group of series, each of which has an interesting design that is worth exploring. We decided to pick four out of these that we thought had something really special to offer.

They include:
  • Patriot
  • Havoc
  • Riot
  • 8015
Mayhem Wheels

Mayhem Patriot

The Patriot 8080 series of Mayhem wheels is one coveted truck wheel. This is because it was released as a single style option. It comes only in matte black/machined finished and has details that truly stand out. Looking at the spoke finish itself you can tell why it is an ideal wheel for truckers who have a sense of style. Each of the spokes in the Patriot’s five spoke pattern bears a triangular shape with the edges bearing a machined face plating that connect to the lip to form a continuous frame on the wheel. The matte black finish on the wheel matches the low profile luster of machined finishes creating an executive laid back appeal.

Mayhem Havoc

For a sturdier and denser look, the Mayhem Havoc wheel may be your best choice. This wheel however offers more color options. It comes in both matte black and chrome finishes. The matte black version has been milled for additional texture and both its lip and spokes have bead locks on them. Judging by the relatively larger sizes of the spokes, the Mayhem Havoc wheel has the mechanical properties to keep your wheel steady when navigating over highly uneven rocky terrain.
Mayhem Wheels

Mayhem Riot

A number of Mayhem wheels bear a star shaped spoke profile. But none of them beat the Mayhem Riot. This wheel has an amazing eight spoke pattern with a triangular gap at the center of each spoke. The point that connects the spokes to the rim bears a large bead lock which makes the entire pattern look like an eight pointed star on a sheriff’s badge. The Riot is offered in matte black and chrome finishes as well.


If you were looking for a split spoke pattern for your wheel then the Mayhem 8015 is the one for you. This wheel has an eight spoke configuration and the split spoke design accentuates the wheel’s overall layout to one sophisticated grid of construction work. Instead of a chrome alternative to its matte black option, the Mayhem 8015 is offered in a Bright PVD finish which is easier to clean and maintain but looks just as bright as chrome.

By: Sean Bowes
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