Magnaflow Motorcycle Exhausts - A Mindset Change

magna 2The Magnaflow- Arlen Ness team is the coming together of two great, classic companies.
Magnaflow has been an industry leader in producing aftermarket exhaust systems for over 30 years. In the early days, Magnaflow developed natural extensions for Car Sound Exhaust system, but they were never a company that wanted to settle. They continued building award winning products and looked to extend in new directions. Recently, Magnaflow decided to make the crossover into the motorcycle world by partnering with Arlen Ness to produce world class exhausts.

Magnaflow Motorcycle Exhausts - The Partnership

On October 24th, the new Magnaflow- Arlen Ness product line was formally introduced to the world on the National Geographic Channel’s Let it Ride program, which features host Zach Ness.

Because of Magnaflow’s time tested and quality reputation, it’s no surprise that they would look to partner up with another quality organization, Arlen Ness. Arlen Ness is known by many as the Godfather Company of Custom Motorcycles. Prior to teaming up with Magnaflow, Arlen Ness was busy building custom motorcycles and high quality parts for Harley Davidson, Victory, and Indian motorcycles. They had been doing this for forty years!

magnaMagnaflow’s recent transition into the motorcycle world will have huge impacts on the motorcycle world.

Magnaflow Motorcycle Exhausts - Deserve Confidence

Making a transition into another field is like going into battle; you need allies and support from a veteran presence. That’s why the partnership with Arlen Ness was ideal for Magnaflow. It provided the company with a level of confidence that is usually reserved for industry veterans.

Magnaflow president, Dan Paolone, said, “Magnaflow is 100% committed to entering the motorcycle market with the best products available. With our R&D, engineering, manufacturing, shipping and marketing capabilities, Magnaflow will deliver unmatched performance exhaust products and customer service to the global motorcycle market.”

Wow, “unmatched performance exhaust products”; that is pretty confident. Up-and-coming motorcycle exhaust manufacturers that have been around for the past decade don’t even have the balls to make such bold proclamations. By looking at Magnaflow’s products and their reputation, it’s no wonder why they would make such claims and look forward to silencing any disbelievers. Just within the past year, they’ve been involved in a number of high profile positions that showcased their capability to deliver.

Could I get a couple of examples??

Magnaflow was named the official exhaust of the 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour.

Okay, pretty impressive. Do you have any more?

Magnaflow was the featured exhaust used in Fast & Furious 6, a movie that showcases the very best vehicles and accessories in the world.

Wow, that is pretty good. Do you have one more?

How about: they have ambassadors that include Mario Andretti, Marco Andretti, and Greg Adler. Or, that Magnaflow’s founder and president, Jerry Paolone, was awarded earlier this year with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his work with Magnaflow. Or…

Okay. Okay. I think I got it. Magnaflow Is Pretty Great. No more questions. No more Doubt.

Magnaflow has proven time and again why they are such a great company. It’s no surprise that they would want to expand, and it’s no surprise that 4WheelOnline is proud to back such a great company.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on November 5th, 2013
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