Legendary Racer Endorses Platinum Wheels

Legendary Racer Endorses Platinum Wheels

For most off-road racers and truck owners, vehicle modifications don’t stop at “the toys.” Personally speaking, every single car that get’s parked in my driveway usually ends up with a cold air intake and a catback exhaust system to improve gas mileage (wink wink). It’s this addiction to tinkering with our rides that makes us “car guys.”

For guys that own luxury cars or larger sedans for their daily drivers, it can be difficult to make improvements from the original equipment from factory. We’ll find ourselves shopping for high-end floor mats, exotic air fresheners or premium detailing kits to keep our investments looking pretty. Luckily, there is now a way to make upgrades to luxury machines without sacrificing the integrity of quality.

Platinum Wheels is a newer company that has been delivering the same luxury that their name implies. With a wide range of models, sizes and offsets, the premium Wheel Company has been the go-to choice for owners of luxury car brands such as BMW, Infinity, Acura, Cadillac and Mercedes Benz.

In the last few years, Platinum Wheels has generated a considerable following with the off-roading community members who also own luxury automobiles. Since it can be a nightmare to drive sky-high lifted trucks through the city, it should not be surprising that many of “die-hard” truck owners also take pleasure in driving high-end luxury cars.

However, these truck owners can still keep their off-road roots by purchasing Platinum Tires. Founded by Jim Smith, the same owner of Ultra Wheels who produces Moto Metal and American Racing Wheels, Platinum, 4Wheelers can take pleasure knowing that these luxury wheels still have an off-road spirit in their manufacturing.

A Peek at Platinum Wheels

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a deep dish, a polished lip or a matte black and chrome finish; Platinum Wheels has you covered. When the company first starting offering its wheels to the public, many enthusiasts where stunned at the variety of different styles that are offered for their cars.

4WheelOnline is one the most respected aftermarket vendors in the world, carries 40 different styles of Platinum Wheels in a variety of sizes and offsets. The options can seem endless when you’re shopping for a new set “shoes” for your ride, which is perfect for guys who want to stand out from the crowd. This year Platinum Wheels rolled out even more styles that are available to the public. Check out the newest wheels below:

  • Platinum 204 Mantis:  These one-piece aluminum wheels have the sporty look of shiny chrome with a modern seven-spoke pattern. Made to fit most sedans or coupes, the Mantis is available in sizes from 15 to 18 inches. The wheels also feature a diamond cut face with black accents to make any get noticed.

  • Platinum Tracker 210: Bling Bling! These wheels are sweet. The Tracker Wheels 210 are made for 5 Lug FWD vehicles that are looking to attract a crowd. The simple spoke design that is mixed with a quality gloss black finish makes it a durable wheel that adds class to any car.  

  • Platinum Mogul 408:  Like many of styles of the Platinum Wheels, the Moguls are diamond cut with a black gloss paint. They are manufactured through a precise engineering process that makes them some of the strongest luxury wheels on the market while looking stylish. These wheels are available from 18 to 24 inch monster-sized wheels.  

Who Makes Platinum Wheels?

After Jim Smith stopped winning races at the Baja 1000 and started spending his time at NASCAR racetracks he purchased an entire NASCAR team and then helped found the Craftsman Truck Series. After these ventures, he continued to be a major player in the racing world by running his automotive shop, Ultra Motorsports. Then, while he was running UItra Wheel company, Platinum Wheels was born. The headquarters for Ultra Wheels, which includes Platinum and other brands, is based out of Fullerton, California. 

According to the Ultra Wheels, the Platinum Wheel brand was created to offer a luxury wheel to car buffs that demand the same quality that we have come to expect from the rest of Ultra’s lineup such as KMC Wheels and Moto Metals.

Platinum Wheels became available after Ultra saw the need for a high-end wheel that could be purchased for an affordable price.

So, the when it’s time to upgrade your old OEM wheels to something that will last as long time and turn heads at red lights, consider trying a set of Platinum Wheels. With the endorsement of a legendary racer and high-quality company like Ultra Wheels overseeing the operation, enthusiasts have nothing to lose, but a whole to gain.

By Sean Bowes

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