Jeep Locking Hubs

The Jeep locking hub is used when you want to engage or disengage the front axle shafts from the front wheels. We use the locking hubs to increase the number of miles per gallon / kilometer per liter. If the hubs are unlocked, the axle shafts, carrier, and front drive shaft are not spinning. The decrease in spinning parts will result in the front axle rolling easier… If the front axle rolls easier, there is less power to propel the car… The Jeep locking hubs will provide a better propelling power for the cars. That’s what the locking hubs are for, essentially.

Also, the locking hubs help to reduce if not eliminate the wear and tear on the front axle. One of the best features of hubs is they allow the car to stop its axle shafts, ring and pinion, and front drive shaft from spinning if there is some damage somewhere. This will prevent further damage on other parts of the car. Performance… Durability… Convenience… Workmanship… Usefulness… Practicability… Warn Locking Hubs have it all! You cannot afford to miss having it… they are a precious accessory if not almost a necessity to any good driving.

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