ICW Racing Wheels Articles and Reviews

ICW Racing Wheels, Driving like a Star
ICW is a brand of wheels that is made for stylish street cars. If you have a luxury vehicle and you want to complete the look by having a set of wheels that exude class, then there are more than a dozen options for you on ICW Racing catalog. The wheels are made in a variety of finishes and spokes. They are also made with cast aluminum, making them easy to style and even customize.
ICW Racing Wheels Are Fast and Furious
ICW Wheels were featured in The Fast And The Furious. In 2001, The Fast and the Furious franchise got off to a roaring start, climbing all the way to number one in the box office. Soon, the movie became the representative for an entire street racing scene, and every automotive aftermarket brand was trying to be involved. However, the film franchise only wanted the very best, and that's what they got with ICW Racing Wheels.