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How Sleek Can You Car Get with Platinum Wheels?

Like Worx and Focal Wheels, Platinum is a distinguished division of the Ultra Wheels Company. Just like their name suggests they bare recognizable for their exclusive chrome intensive wheel designs. If you are the kind of driver who enjoys spreading a little sheen from your car when driving then Platinum Wheels is your candy store.
Platinum wheels

Each wheel comes in either a chrome, silver or black design that features silver/chrome accents. They give your vehicle that sporty edge without draining your account. In addition to this they are made with structural strength that keeps them light and durable at the same time. Let’s look at some of the most outstanding uses of chrome that Platinum has utilized on its wheel series.

Platinum Emotion Chrome

Ever come across a 16 spoke wheel before? Well Platinum has one for you. It comes with a four and five lug application making it compatible with most modern vehicles. But the story doesn’t end there. These wheels are some of largest executive rims you will find out there. They are made in 20 and 22 inch sizes making them the kings of the street. With the amount of shine that the chrome on all 20 inches of the Platinum Emotion Chrome will be pouring on the streets, you are bound to spark some massive emotions from other drivers.
Platinum wheels

Platinum Monarch Chrome

If you thought the Emotion Chrome was ambitious you should have a look at the Monarch Chrome. It’s royal. This 17 to 20 inch rim has a 20 spoke extension attached to its center. They curve out elegantly with the sleekest gleam on to the lip to make your car that imperial look. In addition to this they come with a 5 bolt pattern that is interlaced between the spokes.

Platinum Widow Chrome

The Widow Chrome produces a balance between classy shine and low profile design. If you want a more relaxed but executive wheel then this might be the choice for you. It comes with a 5 lug pattern. It’s spokes bear black inserts while the center cap has the signature Platinum logo both of which make it easily identifiable. The Platinum Widow is produced with 17, 18 and 20 inch size options.
Platinum wheels

Platinum Blvd Chrome

The Platinum Blvd chrome has a distinct windmill design. Each shiny polished chrome spoke widens out towards the rim to create this interesting profile that is an eye catcher once the wheel gets on the ground spinning. It is made from custom alloy using counter pressure cast construction and comes in two huge 20 and 22 inch sizes.

By: Sean Bowes
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