How Mazzi Wheels Achieves the Perfect Chrome Look

How Mazzi Wheels Achieves the Perfect Chrome Look

Mazzi Wheels are made for a variety of vehicles including pick-ups, SUVs and passengers cars. For the modern driver, a neat automobile should come with cool custom wheel no matter what the vehicle’s utility is. That is why hundreds of manufacturers put their best effort to make the designs of both tires and wheels as superb as possible even if the wheels is meant for an ATV. The same careful principle is applied at Mazzi and your vehicle will get an instantaneous upgrade of style especially with Mazzi’s chrome wheels. Let us thus look at the features you will expect to have after getting yourself any of the chrome options in the Mazzi Line up.
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Mazzi Hulk 755C

The Mazzi Hulk 755C is a popular choice amongst Mazzi wheelers. Its popularity possibly has something to do with the way its sheen is captured fully by its wide spokes. With an 8 spoke pattern to add this chrome wheels make for an irresistible specimen of style. It also comes in 18 and 20 inch style and will fit naturally on SUVs and trucks of all kinds including lifted ones.
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Mazzi Kraze

On the Mazzi raze, the chrome finish is laced into a star shaped spoke design. These spokes are individually made in a twin spoke profile and the star shape formed by the spokes are as a result of two spoke levels; embossed spokes and the slightly offset ones which lie a level below the embosses ones. . The embossed layer of spokes creates an outspoken gleam that accentuates their shape. Given the large 20 to 26 inch rim sizes it comes in, you are by all means bound to cause a stir on the road with the Mazzi Kraze.

Mazzi Fatal

With five different rim sizes, Mazzi Fatal is one wheel that serves every kind of driver. The wheel sizes include 17,18,20,22 and 24 inches. But with its standard size specs comes an unconventional spoke design. Fatal’s spokes are wider than usual and have a split spoke profile that divides each spoke just when it is about to join the flange. In fact the area occupied by the five spoke pattern is larger than the gaps left by the spokes. This makes the chrome appeal of the wheel highly conspicuous.
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Mazzi Sting

The Mazzi Sting adds itself into our list due to its triplet spoke design. The spoke divisions are slim and thus create an elegant look on the wheel which is magnified by its positive offset. This chrome wheel incorporates the finish on every layer of its surface including the small studs that like the ring below the flange and the center cap are as well.

By: Sean Bowes
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