Helo Wheels That Share a Variety of Characteristics

Helo Wheels
Helo Wheels is a reputable wheel manufacturer mainly because of the attention it pays to the wheels’ details. The brand is part of a host of wheels manufactured by the Wheel Pros group including Diamo, Motegi and KMC. Just like these three wheel brands, Helo wheels are made to be durable. The different wheels from Helo wheels include three spoke designs to ten spoke designs. They are designed in a variety of finishes including chrome, black, Bright PVD and silver. There are a number of wheels under the Helo line-up that come close in appearance to each other. We shall attempt to differentiate the features in some of these wheels to identify what it is that makes them stand out from each other.

Helo Wheels

HE844 and HE866

The HE844 and HE866 wheels from Helo are comparably similar in several aspects. The first and immediately observable aspect is their five spoke pattern and curved convex profile. The center of the spokes is dominated by a chrome star shaped insert. It matches fluidly with the shiny gloss black spokes areas around it. The spokes are set further within the rim surface. Both wheel models have large size options. The HE844 is the smaller wheel series between coming in 18, 20 and 22 inch sizes while the HE866 is offered in much larger 20, 22, 24 and 26 inch sizes.

HE878 and HE791

The most notable similarity between the Helo HE878 and Helo HE791 are the Y shaped spokes that line the rim. On the Helo HE878, the Y shaped spokes are rigid in shape and feature straight edges that are angled into the Y shape while on the Helo HE791 wheel the spokes are more curved in their Y design. Both of these series are offered in black and chrome color varieties. The HE878 however has an additional dark silver color option which is not Available For the HE791. Again, the Black HE878 comes complete with a satin black tone while the black HE791 has a gloss black luster. Both wheels series are made with an 8 spoke pattern.
Helo Wheels

HE851 and HE875

The bow shaped profile of the spokes on the Helo HE851 and HE875 wheel is what makes them easily comparable. They are both set inside the inner rim surface. On the HE851, the spokes are covered in a machined accent that gives the wheel a contrasting bright luster to the gloss black areas on the outer rim. The HE875 has a glossy chrome outer surface and black accents on the spokes. The finishing on either wheel is an inversion of the other. They both have a 10 spoke pattern which draws their similarities even closer to each other.

By: Sean Bowes
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